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Chris Henry: Cian showed knowing the score can nearly yield big rewards

Ireland's Cian Healy
Ireland's Cian Healy
Chris Henry

By Chris Henry

In addition to the four tries they got against France, you couldn't help but feel that Ireland left a few out there as well.

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My favourite of the bunch was one that didn't count. It was a piece of quick thinking from Cian Healy to pounce on the ball when France left it unprotected on their own line, knowing that the in-goal area has no offside line.

Unfortunately for Cian, who I thought made a big impact, he just knocked it on in the process of trying to get his hand on it. His smile afterwards told you just how close he came to taking advantage.

It reminded me of my favourite try I ever scored for Ulster. It was a game against Ospreys at the end of 2016 where I managed to pull off what Cian was trying, jumping at a ball rolled onto his own line by Rhys Webb.

I can't remember how I came to know the law but as soon as I saw it there I knew it was in play. Fair to say not everyone agreed.

I think it was about six minutes from me getting my hand on the ball until we were able to kick the conversion with the TMO being called upon twice just to make sure the complaints from the Ospreys weren't justified. In the end, Marius Mitrea awarded it and we got the bonus point we required.

It pays to know that law!

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