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Tindall hopes to stay at Gloucester

Mike Tindall

Former England captain Mike Tindall has expressed his desire to stay at Gloucester despite being refused a new contract last month by the club's then director of rugby Bryan Redpath.

Tindall has not given up hope of staying with the club for two more years and admitted he is keen to discuss the possibility with Redpath's successor when he is eventually appointed.

"I'm waiting for someone to be put in charge at Gloucester - I'm assuming it will have to happen fairly soon - to see if there is not something I can still offer the club," Tindall told the Daily Telegraph.

"Perhaps it's not too late. I am not a believer in moving just for the sake of it. In a pretty long career as a professional I have done eight years at Bath and now seven at Gloucester."

Tindall had initially looked into moving to France when Redpath refused his bid for a contract extension but admitted one offer he was made "fell apart" and prompted him to focus again on staying with his current club.