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Tyrone Howe: Davies talks a good game as ‘Hensonmania’ takes off

So, Gavin Henson has had less than two games under his belt for Saracens but announced that he is ready for the rigours of international rugby and wants his Wales shirt back.

Staggering, but not surprising.

Thank goodness for a bit of sense from Jonathan Davies. The former Welsh flyhalf dismissed such claims as Henson has shown nothing on the pitch to merit such selection.

Is Henson that exceptional? While he contributed to two Grand Slams these were in 2005 and 2008 and that is a long time ago both for him and Wales.

When you have been out of the game for so long, it takes time to regain top form. I have nothing against the idea of Henson playing for Wales again, but he has to deserve the opportunity, on merit rather than reputation or self-promotion.

This can only be achieved through quality club performances and nothing thus far suggests that he is ready for such a step up.

Nonetheless, including Henson in a training squad might speed up this rehabilitation process and this is the dilemma that faces Warren Gatland.

What potential impact would this have on the other Welsh players? If you were competing for the centre position, you would surely be thoroughly fed up with the constant headlines. You don’t mind a battle, but you want it waged on the pitch rather than the back pages of national publications.

I expect Warren Gatland to welcome his former player back into the wider Welsh fold, but make it clear that performance alone will be the sole criteria for actual selection, rather than a response to any outbreak of Hensonmania.

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