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Tyrone’s talking point - those whingeing Aussies

By Tyrone Howe

When you visit Australia, one of the things you notice about its sport, is that Australians are not the most humble of victors, nor are they gracious in defeat.

A favourite topic in Australian conversation is to complain about the 'whingeing Poms' - yet, they are little better themselves.

Tim Horan proved it again this week when he complained that Ireland had faked injuries to slow down the pace of play in their victory against the Australians.

There are two key points here: firstly, Horan says Alan Gaffney told him this. Gaffney says he didn't. Someone must be telling porkies! Secondly, Horan should know that taking your time at certain points in a game has been around for years. One person in particular comes to mind - the infamous Peter Clohessy. He had the most ridiculous bootlaces, which seemed to have a mind of their own. Invariably, they would come undone at the most strategic of times, when his Munster or Irish pack needed a quick breather. Referees urged him to hurry up and Claw would use this opportunity to have a wee chat with them and garner extra precious seconds.

It happens and will continue to happen. The 'whingeing Aussies' are looking for excuses - but this wasn't what lost them the game.

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