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I still feel sick: Simon Zebo gives Michael Lowry his jersey in apology for try-scoring taunt

Simon Zebo (right) celebrates with Racing 92 team-mate Teddy Thomas in their win over Ulster
Simon Zebo (right) celebrates with Racing 92 team-mate Teddy Thomas in their win over Ulster

Michael Lowry is one of Ulster's most exciting up-and-coming young stars.

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This weekend he was the focus of one of European rugby's most viral incidents.

As Simon Zebo dashed past the 20-year-old to touch down Racing 92's final try of their 44-12 win over Ulster, he pointed to his Ulster opponent.

Referee Nigel Owens wasn't impressed and neither was Zebo himself, who explained how he immediately set about making amends.

"I'm still sick about it," he said. "I had to wait 10 minutes outside the dressing-room to give him my jersey and apologise again.

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"I've played the game for I don't know how many years and I've never done anything like that, I just got too excited.

"I probably built up the game a bit too much in my head this week and let the emotions get the better of me for a few seconds.

"You live and learn, I wouldn't want my kids to do that and I'm disappointed with myself.

"I feel (bad), but he's a lovely fella. As soon as I went over to apologise he was very receptive, we'd a good chat after the game. There's no ill-feelings or anything. These things happen, but I'd prefer if they didn't happen to me."

Ulster captain Rory Best added that he didn't believe what was a good game of rugby should be remembered for the mini controversy.

"We all know Zebo and I think he gets a bit over-exuberant at times. As far as I know, he's apologised to Mikey. Simon loves to celebrate and sometimes he celebrates before he scores and sometimes he celebrates after.

"As far as we're concerned, he apologised to Mikey. I didn't see the end of it but I think Simon probably feels that it probably wasn't the right thing to do.

"He's apologised and it's important we don't make what was really a good game of rugby from both sides. Simon just sometimes gets carried away. He's a great fella and you let him have the odd one."

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