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Stephen Ferris: I'll continue to speak my mind on Ulster woes

By Jonathan Bradley

Stephen Ferris has stunned Ulster Rugby fans by saying he "doesn't give two hoots" about what people at the Kingspan Stadium think of him.

Ferris, who was one of Ulster's best and most popular players prior to his retirement through injury in 2014, has been stinging in his criticism of his former team in recent weeks.

Ferris hit out at the side during their 22-7 defeat to Leinster on New Year's Eve, blasting Ulster's players for showing "no passion" during his half-time analysis.

The criticism was later tackled by Ulster director of rugby Kiss who said: "That's Stephen's opinion. There's no way I believe that. We were physical and they just got through us. Leinster are a good team here."

Ferris insists he will continue to be as confrontational a pundit as he was a fearsome flanker. He also said his comments reflected the mood of "99 per cent" of fans watching on television.

"I'm not involved in the Ulster set-up and probably never will be. I don't really give two hoots what their opinions are," he said.

"I hope Less Kiss doesn't take anything personally. I worked under him for several years and he's a decent fella and I hope he does succeed at Ulster.

"All I want to see is the team do well but I'm only speaking on behalf of 99 per cent of the people watching TV on the sofa, saying what they are thinking about seeing Ulster under-perform.

"Yes, I ruffled a few feathers, fuelled a few fires, but if they don't like it, tough luck."

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