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5-week Training Plan for Runher 10K

Do you need help with training for the 10K? Follow our 5-week training guide to assist you reaching the finish line on 9-10-11!

Getting ready

This training plan for the 10K assumes an average level of running fitness, but before embarking on any form of exercise, or if you haven’t exercised for a while, consult with your doctor. Begin by make small changes in your behaviour- increase the intensity of your exercise, run instead of jog during your training and walk more often instead of bus or taxi and start making a schedule for available times in your day when you can increase your level of exercise.

To build up your running fitness, ensure you have a good pair of trainers. Specialised shoes are designed especially for running and can be chosen based on your individual running style. Visit ‘Up & Running’ on Wellington Place, Belfast ( or Francis Street, Newry ( to get a unique gait analysis carried out where the excellently trained staff can assist you in finding the best shoes for your style.

Starting Out

Get out of your comfort zone and start exercising! Give yourself positive reinforcement, such as allow yourself a treat on each day you exercise or use your imagination to reward yourself with your ideal image of the benefits you will achieve through exercise.

Find what practice works best for you, whether it’s running alone or with a team. Check out the local ‘Up & Runners’ website ( for information about local club runs and how to get started.

Always remember to warm up and cool down- Warming up will prepare you physically for your run and reduce the risk of injury. A good warm up should last between 5 and 10 minutes and should raise your heart rate to get the blood pumping to your muscles. At the end of your run, it is advised to do a cool down. By walking briskly for 3 or 4 minutes while reducing your speed will gradually return your heart rate to resting level to prevent injury. A good stretch after your run will reduce muscle tightness and prevent soreness the following day.


With our new connection with ‘Unislim’, have a look at their nutritional guide as to how to make small but significant changes to your diet, to get the most benefit out of your exercise ( Make sure you are eating and drinking enough to keep your energy and hydration levels high enough to support your training and ensure you are getting enough sleep to promote healthy body function.

‘Up & Running’ 5-week training program

Follow our 5-week training program to assist you in achieving your 10K target.


Monday: REST

Tuesday: 30 mins jog

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 25 mins run

Friday: REST

Saturday: 10mins fast, 4mins walk. X2

Sunday: 40 mins jog


Monday: REST

Tuesday: 30 mins run

Wednesday: 5mins run, 3mins jog. X3

Thursday REST

Friday: 35 mins run

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 50 mins jog


Monday: REST

Tuesday: 35 mins run

Wednesday: 5mins run, mins jog. X3

Thursday: REST

Friday: 35 mins run

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 55 mins jog


Monday: REST

Tuesday: 30 mins run

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 40 mins run

Friday: REST

Saturday: 5mins run, 3mins jog. X4

Sunday: 55 mins run


Monday: REST

Tuesday: 33 mins run

Wednesday: 8mins run, 2mins jog

Thursday: REST

Friday: 20 mins run

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 10K RACE!


Please Note:

If you feel particularly tired take an extra rest day- don’t feel that you need to stick rigidly to the program, it is a base from which to work from.

If you feel one week is too difficult, repeat the previous week.

If you feel particular soreness in any area it may be sensible/ necessary

to stop/rest for a few days and if the problem persists, please consult a doctor or physio

If you have a good fitness base to begin you can pick up the training plan with 3 or 4 weeks to go


WALK: good strong walking pace, can talk easily

JOG: starting to get out of breath

RUN: can talk in short bursts

FAST: high intensity, can barely speak

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