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Friday People with slopestyle snowboarder Aimee Fuller

By Kerry McKittrick

The 22-year-old is a slopestyle snowboarder and recently competed for Great Britain at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. She lives near Bangor and will be taking part in the Belfast Telegraph Coastal 10K RunHer this evening at Seapark in Holywood

My boyfriend, Ross Vaughan

Ross and I met a year ago when we were both wake boarding at the yacht club in Cultra. He's just finished his degree and he's really supportive of what I do.

He sails for Ireland and for a while he went down the Olympic route so he knows all about getting drug tested and all the things we have to do behind the scenes.

He flew out to Colorado to support me at the X Games, which are the biggest things on the snowboarding calendar, after the Winter Olympics.


My best friends, Becky Eves and Jenny Jones

Becky and I met when I transferred to Sullivan Upper when I was 16.

At the moment she's on her way to being a dentist – she's doing a lot of exams at Queen's so we'll have more time to catch up when she's done. Becky is really supportive and came out to Sochi during the Winter Olympics. We've been on a couple of really spur-of-the-moment holidays together – I like that she can be quite random and spontaneous that way.

Jenny Jones is a fellow snowboarder and was with me at the Winter Olympics. We've been travelling together for the last six years.


My parents, Chris and Sarah

My dad renovates houses and is a very skilled carpenter, and my mum doesn't work.

I have a brother, Josh, who is a hairdresser in Belfast. My folks are completely behind what I'm doing, I couldn't have asked for better parents.

They've never been pushy, just very supportive from day one.

I skied from the age of four on dry slopes and then moved to snowboarding when I was 12, before getting noticed when I was 16.

Northern Ireland is the perfect place for me to live because when I come home I get the chance to rest and relax and it makes me hungry for the sport. It means I look forward to going away more.


Who I go to for advice

For advice I always go to my mum or my nan, who's called Suzan.

She's pretty cool, very wise and has lots of experience of life.

My secret crush is ... Chris Hemsworth

I saw him in the movie Rush, in which he played the Formula One driver James Hunt. He's very fit, with a lovely six-pack!


My mentor

Lesley McKenna has been helping me with my snowboarding since the age of 16. I met her through my sponsors and she has now guided me through my whole career. She's a three-time Olympian herself and now also works with the British team.


My fantasy dinner party

I would ask Cameron Diaz as she's a surfer and we could go do that afterwards.

Then, I'd ask Bradley Wiggins as he is a wonderful sports personality and I really like his laid-back attitude. Next, I'd ask Travis Pastrana, who is the god of extreme sports, and I would love to pick his brains.

Finally, I would ask a pro-surfer like Julian Wilson, so I could get some tips off her.


RunHer kicks off tonight at 7pm in Seapark, Holywood. Pack collection is available at Seapark Bowling Club from 2pm-6pm today. Late entry is also available at the same time at a cost of £20. For details, visit, and you can also keep up to date on Twitter @runherofficial.

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