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Runher Oct 2015: 'It's empowering and fun running with other women'

By Staff Reporter

The feelgood factor at Runher is a strong draw to many of the women taking part. Many of the participants explained that they had never ran competitively before but saw Runher as a fun way to push themselves towards a personal target.

Karen Poag, captain of Jog Carrickfergus, set up the group to encourage non-runners to get active. The group completed a 'couch to 5K' programme and takes around 150 new members each year, many of whom saw Runher as a goal to work towards.

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Carrick woman Sarah McCann (52) used to run when she was younger but soon found she did not have time after she gave birth to her three children. Now her youngest has reached 18, the group has given her the confidence and encouragement she needed to get back into her fitness regime.

"I hadn't run in years and I thought I would never do it again," she said. "It's very empowering, it's fun to be running with a group of women."

Sarah, who works as Northern Ireland's only lactation consultant, explained that it was a problem she saw a lot of mums faced with. "It's hard to find the time," she explained. "But it is really good for your mental health too, getting out and doing something even pushing the pram or getting out for a brisk walk is great."

Cecilia Milburn said getting back into running has left her feeling fab at 40: "I started this time last year and this time last year I couldn't run at all. I couldn't walk for one minute and now my first 5K was 42 minutes. I've already done one 10K but this is my second.

"I've lost three stone and have gone from being a size 22 to a size 16.

"I've gone from doing no exercise to going for a run two to three nights a week."

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