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Mum backs Murray to toughen up after reuniting with Lendl

By Nck Purewal

Judy Murray has tipped Ivan Lendl to restore the "poker face" that can guide Andy Murray to another Wimbledon title.

Former Fed Cup coach Judy Murray hailed son Andy's reunion with coach Lendl, backing the move as a boost for the world number two's bid to maintain steely focus under intense match pressure. Judy Murray praised the 2013 Wimbledon champion's typical strength of character in opting for a second coaching stint under eight-time grand slam winner Lendl's tutelage.

"There is a huge amount of reassurance and confidence that comes from having somebody in your corner who has actually been through the winning and losing of slams themselves," said Judy Murray. "They know what it feels like, they know what you're going through every day; they know the demands that are on you. One of the big things Ivan helped Andy with when they worked together the last time was the ability to set his focus when he got distracted, whether he was frustrated by a bad call or something like that, when you have to just forget it and move on.

"I think he helped a lot with that and when you get into the critical moments there are so many good players in the men's game that you can't afford to have lapses in concentration.

"In his career Lendl was remembered as much as anything for the poker face, the relentlessness, just that focus that he was on a mission and nothing would distract him from that mission.

"So it's good to have him back."

Judy Murray insisted son Andy would have had no qualms reuniting with Lendl, despite long-held theories about partnerships never working as strongly the second time around.

"I think if Andy had taken any notice of all the people who expressed opinions about him and his tennis, he would have given up long ago," said Judy Murray, speaking to champion HSBC's Road to Wimbledon tennis tournament. "You have to go with what your gut is telling you that you need. Andy has always been very good at knowing when he needs to change something.

"He's a real student of the game, and obviously of his own game."

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