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Trio are handed British title chance at championship

By David Mason

Courtney Meneely, Ashleigh Rainey and Sarah Jane Curran have been handed a wild card entry to this season's British Isles triples championship.

The County Antrim girls assumed their chances of performing on the big stage at Stanley Indoor Bowls Club had gone when they lost in the Irish final at the Watson Stadium last weekend.

But they received an unexpected favour from Belfast's Sandra Bailie, who bagged a hat-trick of Irish titles - pairs, triples and fours.

Bailie, however, is permitted to feature in only two disciplines at British level, so she forfeited an appearance in the triples.

Belfast bowler Chloe Watson picked up a record-breaking four Irish championships.

She will focus on both the senior and junior singles at Stanley. It meant she pulled out of the triples and fours.

British Isles representatives: Senior Singles: C Watson; Junior Singles: C Watson; Pairs: C Eadie, S Bailie; Triples: C Meneely, A Rainey, SJ Curran; Fours: I Minnis, K Woodside, C Eadie, S Bailie.

North West put their IIBA Women's Inter-zone title on the line when they travel to Richhill today to face Armagh.

Both teams have had their hands on the McIlroy Cup on six previous occasions, so something must give in what should be an intriguing showdown.

IIBA Women's Inter-zone semi-final: Donegal v Western; Armagh v North West.

County Antrim Indoor Bowls Club's Marcus Craig Memorial Trophy semi-finals: S Barkley, M Nutt, R Kirkwood v M Buchanan, T Robinson, A Kyle; M Tait, J Barkley, B Trimble v J Green, J Hagan, A Robinson.

Plate semi-finals: R Allen, G McKee, G Kelly v A Pauley, W Adair, M McCord; A Coleman, S Coleman, S Coleman v M Bunting, P McGrail, D Dempsey.

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