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Turn your knowledge into profit with sports spread betting

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Sports spread betting is becoming the fastest growing gambling trend in the UK, with thousands of sports fans enjoying it as an exciting way to try and put their sports knowledge to good use.

It is very easy to take part in sports spread betting online and practically all online sports spread betting companies offer tutorials on how it works. The idea behind spread betting is very similar to a handicap system where certain teams, results or athletes are given an advantage by the bookmakers. From this, a gambler can then decide whether they agree with it or not.

In its simplest of terms, sports spread betting is based on the idea of predicting whether the bookies have been too cautious or too ambitious with their sporting predictions. It’s very similar to the stock market where you can buy low and sell high. With spread betting rather than ‘buying’ low and high you’re ‘betting’ instead.

If you think the bookies’ predictions (also known as the spread) have been too low, then you can bet above it. Obviously the same principle works in reverse; if you think the bookies are being over generous to a certain team then you can bet below the spread.

For example, in a rugby league match between St Helens and Wigan, the spread may be from ten to 12 points for Wigan’s overall score. If someone making a bet decides Wigan are going to score more than 12 points then they can bet £10 per point over the spread.

If Wigan were to then gain 20 points by the conclusion of the game, the gambler would collect £10 for every point over 12. Because of the difference of eight between the prediction and the result, this would bring an £80 win. Of course, you do have to be careful, as a £10 stake and Wigan scoring six points in the entirety of the game would lose you £60; £10 for every point under 12.

There are many sides to sports spread betting. For example, in a football match you can bet on the total number of corners. The spread may be seven to eight. If you bet that there will be more corners at a stake of say £20 per corner, ten corners would earn you £40 because of how there were two corners over the upper limit.

The advantage of sports spread betting is that if you know certain sports or teams fairly well, it is possible to use that knowledge to your advantage. How many times have you watched a football match or tuned into the boxing to find that your predictions have been deadly accurate? If you have the gift of analysis, exploiting this and gaining profit is an ideal way to make the experience of watching sport more thrilling.

In-game spread betting also gives you the chance to see how a sporting event starts before deciding how to bet. If the spread in the Stoke City versus Newcastle game was for six bookings, and there have already been four by the conclusion of the first half, then you can bet above the spread. However, you should always note that with in-game betting, the spread can change. This means that you will win less for the longer as the game draws to a close because of the lessened risk.

The main danger when it comes to spread betting is if you have a one-sided match and you’re on the wrong side of that result. Here, a heavy loss could be likely, costing you substantial amounts of money. If you place a spread bet on a cricket match to have less than 500 runs at £1 per run, and the end result is a total of 700 runs, then you could see a loss of £200. Because of this, you should always think about what the worst-case scenario may be.

The thing to remember is that if you’re betting on events or games where the margin for error can be in the hundreds, then always bet smaller amounts.

You can only be a maximum of 11 rounds off the mark in a boxing match, so betting £5 a round may not be too dangerous. However, in a cricket match the margin for error is far more substantial and it’s worth thinking about the amount you want to wager more carefully. Of course, a lot of money could be made if you master such a decision correctly, so it is a matter of how much risk you’re willing to take.

One of the reasons that spread betting is becoming so popular is that it opens your eyes to new aspects of the game you might not have enjoyed before. For example, if you’ve bet on the number of corners in a football match then you may find yourself being a little bit happier than most when the referee awards one. The chance to bet inventively aside from the winner of a match is refreshing for some.

There are so many different sports available to watch in this era of the Internet and internationally broadcast TV that spread betting makes it possible to enjoy even the most obscure sports.

Even if you’re not an expert or a real sports fan, you can still enjoy sports spread betting. If you take the time to look on the Internet, you can find out more about a particular team’s performance or even how harsh a certain referee is. The latter could be useful when establishing how many bookings a match may produce.

The bookies will always offer a spread that is roughly around what many people expect, but if a team’s star player gets an injury that was unanticipated, this could work in your favour. As you will see, spread betting is a new way to renew your appreciation for the world of sport.

Spreading betting can result in losses that exceed your original deposit, please bet responsibly.

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