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Think the World Police and Fire Games are all about men in uniform? Say hello to the Brazilian beach volleyball team!

If you thought the World Police and Fire Games were all about buff firemen showing off their muscle power, think again.

In Portrush on Wednesday, crowds flocked to the East Strand to catch some of the action in the Ladies Beach Volleyball.

And while a rule change for the 2012 London Olympics marked a new era of allowing players to "cover up" with shorts and sleeved tops, the Brazilian ladies stuck to the uniform of their national team.

Donning much skimpier bikinis than their rivals, the South Americans were lucky the north coast had some sunshine rather than the bitter cold winds the locals are accustomed to.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service put up a rookie team with huge local support, but they were no match for the more experienced teams from Brazil, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Germany and Spain.

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