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World Police and Fire Games: Dodgers are having a ball!


Dodge, duck, dip, dive and... dodge!

The five Ds of dodgeball, according to the Hollywood movie starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller.

The 2004 film clearly inspired the "athletes" taking part in the World Police and Fire Games dodgeball tournament at Queen's University Physical Education Centre in south Belfast yesterday.

A huge crowd gathered to watch The Jammie Dodgers and The Dodgefathers compete against Average Joes, The Untouchaballs and NY Dodge Ballers, among others.

Gavin 'Dutchy' Holland from the South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service is team manager of Balls Deep Down Under.

His team-mates, all decked out with wrench necklaces, knee socks and bandanas include Simmo, The Blade, Casadas, 33, The Blue Helmet, The Pirate and Steady.

Gavin said: "We've been together for six or seven hours as a team.

"It's a world-rated sport, which has become more and more popular since the Dodgeball film.

"A quote from the film is 'If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball', so we wear wrenches around our necks."

Gavin added: "Belfast is great, very welcoming. It's a beautiful place, I'm very much in love with it. None of us have been to bed before 4am and we've been here for 10 nights.

"All the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service got together last night and had a big party at the Kitchen Bar. It was an amazing soiree, not only to thank the special people we've met at the games, but also other international competitors, volunteers and officials."

Jason Dunn, from Western Australian Fire and Rescue Service, said people who don't think dodgeball is a sport are "very wrong".

"It's very athletic," he said.

Green Watch Central captain Jason Kennedy, from the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, says the dodgeball tournament has been "absolutely brilliant".

"The dodgeball tournament has been a real surprise. The number of people watching is great."

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