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World Police and Fire Games: From dodgeball to pocket billiards...

Your guide to the more offbeat competitions

1 Ultimate FireFighter One of the most coveted titles in games.

It takes place at 10am next Tuesday and Wednesday on the Titanic Slipways in Titanic Quarter. Competitors will complete a variety of tasks designed to test speed, strength and agility, including a hose task and obstacle course.

2 Dodgeball This is a new event for the 2013 World Police and Fire Games and will take place in the Queen's University Physical Education Centre (PEC) in Botanic Gardens.

The aim of the game is to put the opposing team out by hitting them with the ball. If you catch it you grant a teammate the chance to return.

The public can attend and it starts at 10.30am on August 9

3 Muster This is a high-tempo team event for firefighters. It is fast and furious and tests their ability to work as a team.

The public can watch on the Titanic Slipways at 10am, Monday

4 Dragon Boat It is a team sport and the name comes from the Chinese dragon heads which decorate the long, wooden paddle boats. The public will be treated to a great view of the beautifully adorned boats at the event which starts at 9am from August 1-4 on the River Lagan beside Lanyon Place.

5 Stair Race The stair race requires firefighters to race to the top of 550 steps – 27 flights inside Belfast's skyscraper Obel building.

It takes around five minutes for the fastest to make the ascent.

To add to the challenge they are also required to do it while in full firefighting gear complete with breathing equipment.

It begins on August 4 at 9am in the Obel Building in Donegall Quay, Belfast

6 Wrist Wrestling Arm wrestling events generally take place with both competitors standing up with their arms placed on a special arm wrestling table.

Those taking part are split into weight classes as well as right and left-handed divisions.

The event is not open to the public as it is located within the Athletes' Village, which has restricted access

7 Toughest Competitor Alive! The eight stages include a 5km run, shot-put, 100m dash, 100m swim, 20ft rope climb, bench press, pull ups and an obstacle course. To watch the 5km run, shot-put, 100m dash or the obstacle course, spectators should go to the Bangor Sportsplex.

For the 100m swim, rope climb, bench press and pull ups spectators should gather at the Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure complex

Monday August 5 to Thursday August 8 at 8am

8 Pocket Billiards More commonly known as pool. Two types of the game will be played in the tournament, straight pool and blackball. Spectators can watch at Newforge Country Club.

The tournament begins on August 6 until August 10

And finally... The co-ordinator of the games orienteering event has organised an aptly named Pub Sprint for the games competitors as a quirky variation on Belfast's Historical Pub Walking Tours.

It gives participants the chance to visit some of Belfast's most famous pubs on Monday August 5 between 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

It's a sprint because participants will be competing athletes at the games and it's over a short period of time.

Compiled by Claire Williamson

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