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Angry husband confronted DUP MP over affair with his wife


By Christopher Woodhouse

SHAMED MP David Simpson was confronted at his home by the angry husband of his DUP lover, Sunday Life can reveal.

The MP's affair with party colleague,Councillor Louise Templeton was discovered by her husband after she lied to him about being on a work trip, we can also reveal.

The mother-of-two told her spouse that she was on a work trip to the north of England in October last year - but she was actually in London with Simpson.

Mrs Templeton, who sits as a DUP councillor on Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council, confessed to cheating with Simpson when challenged by her husband on her return.

Sunday Life understands the furious man then went to Simpson's home to have it out with him. Both the Upper Bann MP and Councillor Templeton have since permanently left their family homes and are living elsewhere.

Sunday Life first revealed the Orangeman had been given his marching orders by wife Elaine after she became aware of his betrayal. Though the reasons for the splits were kept under wraps for months, it was eventually leaked to this newspaper by members of the Orange Order who were disgusted at his behaviour.


DUP figures are also enraged that devout Free Presbyterian Simpson has brought scandal to their door and some have privately branded him "Dirty Dave".

His wife Elaine (57) is also very well regarded in the party and their separation has caused unease for many in the DUP who know them as a couple.

She also runs the multi-million pound business she co-founded with her husband. Their firm Universal Meat Company has its site just yards from the Simpson home from which the MP has been banished.

Templeton, who is nearly half Simpson's age, was co-opted onto the council in April last year after many years spent working for him.

Sunday Life has approached Templeton for comment but she has refused to speak about the affair.

Simpson also brushed off suggestions that people were talking about it on social media replying with: "That's life".

Last week, Simpson was reappointed Worshipful Master of the Houses of Parliament's Orange Lodge.

Sources say one of the members who proposed Mr Simpson for the role was Strangford DUP MP, Jim Shannon.

When contacted Mr Shannon refused to say if he had nominated Mr Simpson or to make any comment concerning the reports of the Worshipful Master's alleged affair.

Mr Shannon said: "I have no comment to make on this personal matter."

While the DUP has remained staunchly silent over Simpson's affair, the MP's family has told this newspaper they were "devastated" and felt "betrayed" by their father's disloyalty to their mother.

"The family feel totally betrayed and deceived by both David and her," said Aaron Gary who is married to the MP's daughter, Kristy.

"She was looked upon as a close personal friend to all the family. It's devastating.

"As I'm sure you are aware, it is a very hard time for the family."

Simpson's daughter Leah also confirmed the affair had happened and that her dad had been kicked out of the family home.

"It's true and my mum's priority and our priority at the moment is just to get on with our lives," she told Sunday Life.


"She did ask him to leave when she found out but as I said our foremost priority is to get through the next weeks and months ahead.

"There are children, grandchildren and mum is just trying to keep focused."

The one-time gospel singer is now exiled to a luxury bachelor pad in Co Armagh.

He has previously boasted of the strength of his Christian faith saying: "I ask God for wisdom every day, every single morning - for wisdom and for guidance."

"I also believe that the Bible is a great road map and it's bang right up to date. So I ask God for guidance and wisdom. Do I get everything right? No. But I have the confidence that He is there to help me through it."

The father-of-three has also spoken of the importance of his family and that his favourite times were when they were together for dinner.

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