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Bangor marina thug Cora Campbell's love for jailbird


Cora Campbell was jailed for her part in an attack on a young girl in Co Down. Credit: Justin Kernoghan
Cora Campbell was jailed for her part in an attack on a young girl in Co Down. Credit: Justin Kernoghan

By Jane Fletcher

Bangor marina attack thug Cora Campbell has found love with a fellow lag in Hydebank Women's Prison.

The caged out-of-control teen is in a relationship with fellow criminal Nikki Nicholl, who has been boasting of their devotion to each other since being freed.

The loved-up young women met in the unlikely setting of Northern Ireland's only female jail, where staff try to discourage inmates from getting together.

Since being released, Carrickfergus woman Nikki (27) has been proudly proclaiming her commitment to Cora (19), who is serving a 16-month sentence for a vicious assault on a teenage girl at Bangor marina.

The sickening attack was recorded on a mobile phone camera, with the video going viral on social media with more than one million views.

Desperate to show how much she loves Cora, adoring Nikki had her name tattooed across her neck.

She has also gushed about her in several social media posts, telling friends: "Cora Campbell, you make me feel like this, I love you baby."

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In a conversation with a relative, Nikki adds: "You will meet her once she's out, she's a beautiful girl, you'll love her, I know you will.

"You can go up with me to see her if you want. She wants to meet you because we are serious about each other, she's everything to me xx."

Nikki Nicholl is one half of twins with lengthy criminal records known as "Double Trouble" by prison staff.

Her identical sister Laura Nicholl has also served sentences at the jail.

When the Nicholls were banged up together at Hydebank, staff insisted on keeping them in separate cells as they could not tell them apart.

Recovering heroin addict Nikki is a regular before the courts with more than a dozen convictions for assault, disorderly behaviour and sneaking drugs into jail.

Her new girlfriend Cora, who is originally from Downpatrick, has also battled a heroin addiction.

While on bail last Christmas awaiting sentencing for the Bangor pier assault, she was found slumped under the M3 motorway bridge in the centre of Belfast having taken an overdose.

Paramedics rushed Campbell to hospital where she admitted taking the drug Lyrica.

She had earlier been caught smuggling heroin and syringes hidden in her bra into Newtownards Court.

She was fined £120 after a judge was told she had been in a "dreadful state".

Footage of Campbell attacking another girl at Bangor marina shows her grabbing the hair of her victim and punching her more than 30 times.

She was also heard shouting: "Do you still want my boyfriend now.

"Why did you kiss him?"

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