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Belfast beauty says ASA boobed by ditching poster


Laura McCorry

Laura McCorry

Laura McCorry

This is the stunning student behind a billboard car ad that has caused a bust-up. Belfast beauty Laura McCorry’s 32F assets featured in a series of sexy posters plastered all over Northern Ireland for a Belfast-based online car sales company.

Now we can also reveal the face of the girl in the ad that was banned last week by industry watchdogs.

The saucy advert showing Laura’s ample cleavage and the message — ‘Nice Headlamps. What do you look for in a car?’ — attracted more than 40 complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency. The ASA ruled the poster was in breach of taste and decency guidelines.

As part of their ruling they ordered that the posters should be taken down and not appear again. But we can reveal that you’ll soon be seeing a lot more of lovely Laura.

The 23-year-old student, who has taken a year out from her studies and is currently in Australia, has been offered a promotional role with the car firm.

Speaking from Sydney yesterday, the Belfast beauty told Sunday Life: “They want me to promote their website at sporting events and in clubs and pubs.

“Even if it’s part-time I think it will be fun and help to pay the rent. I can’t believe the fuss.

“What they did was just a more up-front way of doing what is traditional in marketing and promotional work all over the place. I didn’t initially know what was involved, but it seemed harmless enough.

“The shots didn’t really take long — it took me longer to get the right bra sorted. I’m glad to see I’m making such waves in Northern Ireland and further afield.”

Ulster Trader manager Cormac McKenna said: “Most people saw the fun in the poster and we accepted from the outset it was sexist. But it was designed to be part of a series of posters which would include men as well, so we would be equally sexist.”

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