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Belfast man who 'threatened to kill neighbour with crossbow' bailed


Christopher Hugh Gerard Kenny was released on bail

Christopher Hugh Gerard Kenny was released on bail

Christopher Hugh Gerard Kenny was released on bail

A man called police and threatened to kill a neighbour with a crossbow, a court has been told.

Christopher Hugh Gerard Kenny also had a sword and two large knives in his apartment when police searched it on Thursday.

The 31-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday on a single charge to making a threat to kill the man.

Objecting to Kenny being released on bail a police officer explained that he made a call to police to say he was going to kill a man living in the same apartment block in south Belfast.

When officers went to his flat they found a crossbow with 10 crossbow bolts, a metal sword along with a 10 inch knife and a seven inch knife.

The officer told the court Kenny said he intended to use the crossbow to kill the neighbour and that he “had a few whiskeys” at the time.

Applying for bail, his solicitor told the court that Kenny wished to have the items returned to him.

He said Kenny had “certain mental health issues” and that this incident “may be a cry for help” but there seemed to be an issue with his neighbour.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall released Kenny on bail provided he lives at an address in Dunmurry, some eight miles from his home on Annadale Drive where alleged offence occurred.

She also barred him from drinking alcohol or from being on licensed premises and imposed a curfew from 10pm to 7am every night.

Kenny was released on his own bail of £500 to appear again on August 14.

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