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Belfast to Dublin train conductor was rapist and robber

By Ciaran Barnes

A violent rapist has confessed to tricking Translink into giving him a job as a train conductor working with women who had no clue about his sinister past.

Ciaran O'Malley, 58, was sacked from his position on the Belfast to Dublin route after his bosses were tipped off about his rape, robbery, false imprisonment and indecent assault convictions.

But the brute — who telephoned his victims' homes to make sure there was no men about before forcing his way in — insists he has changed and did not deserve to get the boot.

“I worked for Translink for 13 years and there was never a problem until someone informed them about my past,” O'Malley told Sunday Life.

“It's probably the same person who told you, someone who was inside with me, although I've no idea who it could be.

“I lied on my Translink application form because I needed a job when I got out of prison.

“I've changed totally and am not the same man I was 25 years ago. I deserve a second chance,” O'Malley moaned.

A spokeswoman for Translink refused to comment on the case or what procedures they have in place to make sure this does not occur again.

“We don't comment on individual cases,” was all she would say.

A criminal source, who tipped-off Sunday Life about O'Malley's role on the railways, explained how the rapist went to extreme lengths to keep his past secret.

He said: “If O'Malley spotted an ex-con on the train or in the station he would run a mile — he was terrified about Translink finding out that he is a convicted rapist.”

O'Malley, who was jailed for 15 years in 1988 for a series of sex crimes, has built a comfortable new life for himself since being released from jail in the mid-1990s.

Despite not working since getting sacked by Translink two years ago he is still able to afford to live in a leafy corner of south Belfast where house prices touch the £200,000 mark. His neighbours have no clue that this seemingly inoffensive, glasses-wearing and sandy-haired man was once one of Northern Ireland's most dangerous sex offenders.

But one place O'Malley dares not return is Poleglass — the west Belfast housing estate where he was living when he carried out his terrifying sex attacks.

The mere mention of his name there still causes anger amongst older members of the community who can still remember his frightening sex crimes.

“Ciaran O'Malley is still hated around here and it's no surprise that he's stayed away from west Belfast after getting out of jail,” said a resident.

“The local IRA unit promised at the time of his sentencing that they would shoot him if he ever came back.”

O'Malley, whose old address was at Colinvale, raped one woman and sexually assaulted another during two robberies in 1987.

On each occasion his victim answered the door to find him standing outside wearing a rubber mask and brandishing a six-inch carving knife.

O'Malley had phoned both homes beforehand to make sure there were no men inside — a sinister tactic that earned him the nickname the ‘Telephone Rapist'.

After forcing his way into the women's houses the monster demanded money and then ordered them upstairs. During the first attack O'Malley told his victim to lie face down.

He tied her hands behind her back, placed a gag in her mouth and blindfolded her eyes. The sex beast then used a knife to cut off her clothes and raped her.

One month later O'Malley carried out his second attack — robbing his victim of £26 before ordering her into a bedroom.

It was there that he tugged a sports sock over the woman's face and performed a sickening sexual assault.

O'Malley was arrested later that evening by a police mobile patrol who stopped a bus that he had boarded.

He was caged for 15 years in 1988 for rape, robbery, indecent assault, two counts of false imprisonment and assault with intent to rob.

A defence lawyer told the court that O'Malley had not reached his potential in life and would therefore “contrive situations in which he was, for the moment, the master”.

“Then he became the dominant person he wasn't in real life,” said the lawyer.

Jailing O'Malley, Lord Justice O'Donnell said it mattered little whether the rapist was sadistic or was expressing a disturbed personality.

“He subjected these women to gross sexual humiliation and to horror which it would take them years — if indeed they ever recovered — to get over,” ruled the judge.

In 1989 O'Malley lost an appeal against the severity of his 15 year sentence.

Because O’Malley was convicted before the introduction fo the Sex Offenders’ Register he is not legally required to notify police of his whereabouts.


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