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Bikini babes from Game of Thrones to over 50 and fab

By Kim Kelly

When the heat is on — the A list head to the beach and what better way to show off how much you spend on your personal trainer and dietitian than flaunting yourself on a sunny beach in a skimpy bikini.

Of course we would never suggest any of these celebs knew the paparazzi were waiting to seize these candid snaps of them frolicking in the surf.

But Summer 2015 is the perfect time to get yourself noticed and this lot are well aware that all eyes are on them.

Remember ladies, the beach is your catwalk!


Northern Ireland bikini ladies

Just because we have bad weather and pale skin doesn’t mean we can’t look like total beach babes here in Northern Ireland.

Christine Bleakley always looks great on her many five star holidays and mini breaks with her fiancé Frank Lampard.

With her toned physique and dark skin she always looks bikini ready and has the most amazing array of swimwear we’ve ever seen.

And if you want to see a real home grown bikini babe, check out Miss Northern Ireland Leanne McDowell.

You can always depend on a beauty queen to know how to work a bikini. And with her flawless figure and long blonde hair, Leanne looks every inch the Miss World finalist.

And of course, when you are a Victoria’s Secret model, wearing a bikini is your actual job.

Check out Stella Maxwell — rumoured girlfriend of Miley Cyrus.

Northern Irish model Stella looks perfect in a bikini as she splashes about on Miami beach.

The Hot Mamas

Just because you’ve had a few kids doesn’t mean your bikini days are over.

Look at Coleen Rooney— she has two little ones and another one on the way — and she looks better than ever in her bikini.

Let’s face it, our Coleen has had plenty of practice wearing a bikini as she takes at least six vacations a year! But her bikini body just gets better each year.

And five month after giving birth to baby Ella, EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa is bikini ready.

Sickeningly the actress says she did very little to slim back down and hasn’t been concentrating on her body.

Back to a size ten in five months — good work!

We haven’t seen much of Samantha Mumba recently until these amazing bikini pics emerged.

Wow! Looks likes the Irish pop princess has been lifting!

With her four month old baby Sage in tow, Samantha looks like a goddess in her yellow bikini as she shows off her amazing physique.

Samantha lifts weights to shape up and works with a personal trainer who has pushed her to peak perfection.

Born to bikini

THESE girls know they were born to wear a bikini. With their tanned limbs and amazing figures they definitely look better in swimwear than fully dressed.

You can’t open a newspaper without seeing these bikini beauties and they know they sizzle in the sun.

Is there anyone hotter than Michelle Keegan right now?

Her favourite place in the world is Dubai and she isn’t shy about getting her picture taken posing on the sand.

Kelly Brook might have a few years on Michelle but she always puts on a good show on the beach, even launching a bikini range for girls with ample assets.

And, if you’re looking for inspiration for a healthy lifestyle, stick a picture of LUCY MECKLENBURGH on your fridge.

The work-out queen, who has her own fitness range, loves showing off her perfectly toned physique on her many beach holidays.

Over 50 and Fab

YOU can still rock a bikini in your 50s — just look at these three beauties

Courtney Cox just gets better with age. If having a toy boy makes you look this amazing, where do we find one?!

Courteney may be 12 years older than her Snow Patrol boyfriend Johnny McDaid — but wow she doesn’t look it!

Showing off a trim, lithe body that most girls half her age would die for, Courteney is the ultimate cougar!

And telly favourite Lorainne Kellyproves that a little hard work at the gym can turn you from flab to fab.

She’s happy to fly the flag for the older woman and is still one of the sexiest ladies on telly!

Meanwhile they don’t call ELLE MCPHERSON ‘The Body’ for nothing.

The Aussie beauty looks like a teenager with her bronzed limbs and toned arms as she struts along the beach in one of her designer bikinis.

At 51 Elle is a total babe and shows no signs of slowing down.

 The Game of Thrones girls

WHAT do those GOT girls look like under all those fur coats and fake blood — well, pretty good!

We‘ve only really seen their body doubles on TV and we are more used to seeing them all wrapped up against the hard Northern Ireland winter weather.

But, give them a blink of sun and they are hitting the beach.

Sophie Turner TURNER is an absolute head turner as she poses on the golden sands while EMILIA CLARKE is very inch the sultry beach babe.

And new mum Lena Headley rocks an edgy look with a huge tattoo decorating her enviable slim body.

The less is more girls

MOST women aim for an understated beach look — not these three — they believe that less is more and are never happier than when they are pushing the boundaries with their risqué outfits.

Oh my gosh — look at her butt! Well you could hardly miss it. NICKI MINAJ loves flaunting her famous behind in a bikini and she doesn’t even have to be on a beach.

Meanwhile KIM KARDASHIAN loves nothing more than trying to break the internet with her ever more outrageous bikinis — maybe she will give it a rest this summer while she’s pregnant? Unlikely!

And even true Hollywood stars can’t resist the shock factor. KATE HUDSON looks almost naked as she shows off in a nude bikini. This Hollywood starlet is well aware that every lens is pointed at her amazing body as she sunbathes in Greece.

Well, if you’ve got it flaunt it!


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