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Bronagh Waugh nearly died after peanut allergy drama

BY Patricia Devlin

The Fall star Bronagh Waugh is lucky to be alive after suffering a deadly allergic reaction.

The Coleraine born actress, 32, went into anaphylactic shock after coming into contact with peanuts as she stayed with her boyfriend two weeks ago.

She was rushed to hospital after paramedics, who battled through heavy traffic to reach her, saved her life with a shot of adrenaline.

The frightening food allergy episode happened on August 22 as the former Hollyoaks actress was staying with her boyfriend in Bournemouth.

Taking to Twitter, the star has thanked medical staff at Dorset’s Poole Hospital where she was rushed in an ambulance.

“The staff at the #NHS @Poole_Hospital were just incredible- real heroes...What would we do without them?? #GodBlesstheNHS #SaveOurNHS”, she wrote. “I’m absolutely fine now thank you all for asking! Just so grateful to all the amazing doctors & nurses and my hero of a boyfriend! #phew”.

Fans flooded the star’s timeline with well wishes after she posted the tweets.

It’s not clear what exactly triggered the potentially fatal allergic reaction, but the star blamed a peanut allergy.

Anaphylactic shock causes the release of histamine, which can cause dangerous swelling in the airways.

And it’s not the first time the stunning star, who plays Jamie Dornan’s on-screen wife in the BBC thriller, has had a near miss.

In 2011 Bronagh, who also suffers from skin condition eczema, was rushed to hospital after using a skin cream which contained peanut oil.

She said at the time: “I put it all over my face and my skin felt like it was on fire.

“I couldn’t breathe and my lips swelled up like sausages — my top lip was touching my nose and my bottom lip was touching my chin.”

Her boyfriend took her straight to A&E where she was treated with antihistamine and adrenaline.

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