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Belfast’s soap babe wants to be curvy calender girl

By Bernie Allen

Hollyoaks babe Bronagh Waugh admits she was initially terrified at the thought of having to pose for the show’s famous calender. The Belfast babe made her debut in the hit Channel 4 soap on Friday night.

But she says the prospect of appearing beside all the show’s other stunners in the annual calender filled her with fear at first.

Although now she says she has come around to the idea — and she wants to be a role model for curvy girls.

“Of course I’ve already thought about this [the calender] because, let’s be honest, if you are a girl it’s hard not to think about your looks and become a bit self-conscious when you are going to be standing next to stunning girls 24/7” she says.

“The calendar was one of the first things I thought about and my initial reaction was ‘no way’.

“But then I had a rethink; I’m 5ft 10ins and a natural curvy size 10, and it would be nice to be able to become a role model for normal-sized girls, and show them that it is OK to be a bit curvier.”

In the show the 26-year-old’s alter-ego Cheryl is the ex-lover of Malachy, the brother of cross-dressing bi-sexual Kris Fisher, played by Belfast boy Gerard McCarthy.

And she says she owes Gerard quite a debt of gratitude for helping her land the role. “If it wasn’t for Gerard I’m sure Cheryl would be an actress from London with a fake Northern Irish accent,” she laughs.

But while Gerard was able to intervene when it came to casting, he was unable to twist the producer’s arm further and film the scenes in his native Northern Ireland.

Bronagh recalled: “I still have wee old women coming up to me saying, ‘I knew that wasn’t Belfast! You wouldn’t get our wee streets anywhere else’.”

Off-screen, single Bronagh will be mixing with the celebrity set in the Merseyside area where millionaire footballers from England’s top Premier League teams are the biggest names. But she’s wary of the playboy footballers. “All the Hollyoaks cast are really sociable and are always going out together after work, which will definitely make things a lot easier in terms of settling in.

“I have to admit I’m a huge Liverpool fan and apparently you do get to go to some of the matches but I’d be worried that the footballers might crush my childhood dreams.

“If I do get to chat to any of them, they might be a real let down and I think I’d rather be able to see them as fantastic players, and keep the childhood dream alive.”

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