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Carl Frampton: I need to go under the knife to fix my broken hands before battling Herring

Sweet spot: Carl Frampton catches Tyler McCreary in Vegas
Sweet spot: Carl Frampton catches Tyler McCreary in Vegas

By Carl Frampton

With everything that surrounded my fight in Las Vegas last weekend, I feel it was probably the most disciplined performance I've ever given when beating Tyler McCreary and now it's all about facing Jamel Herring for his WBO World super-featherweight title.

Before that can happen I'll have an operation on both hands on December 20 because I went into the fight with a fractured left hand and then finished the fight with a broken right hand. I think it was in the seventh round I caught McCreary to the forehead and the right hand went.

I have since discovered that it was an old injury that I didn't even know about. What they call a boss bone had formed which strengthened it but it has broken away and now needs to be taken out.

I had fractured the left hand at the start of camp and then in the ninth-round of my final spar it went again. It was a shame because it had been a great spar. So I was feeling great going into the fight apart from the hand.

I spoke to my coach Jamie Moore and saw two hand specialists and I insisted that the fight go ahead.

A lot of people had paid money to see me in Philadelphia last summer and that fight unfortunately fell through because of my broken left hand so I couldn't let the fans down a second time. Of course, going into the fight I was concerned and throughout the fight I was in pain - people talk about adrenaline meaning you don't feel pain but, believe me, adrenaline only goes so far. I had asked if the Nevada State Athletic Commission could give me a pain killing injection but they said no.

Every time I went to work I had to take a break and go for a walk because of the pain. With two good hands I know I could have got him out of there.

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So, I think I proved a point about my engine, my desire and my sharpness with how well I boxed. I was able to out-jab a guy who was four inches taller than me at 5ft 9' and my work to the body was pretty good.

The left land had what they call a non-displaced fracture but because of the damage in the fight it is now a displaced fracture on the metacarpal - in other words the bone has moved and I need a pin and plate in it.

The good thing is that I will be able to rest both hands for a good while to make sure they are spot on for the fight with Herring.

Jamel Herring
Jamel Herring

I know my promoter Bob Arum has said he is looking at the SSE Arena but there are also a couple of other options in the mix as well. It's probably going to be around May time.

At first I was surprised that Top Rank wanted to bring it to Belfast but I suppose it makes sense for Herring because he'll get the biggest purse of his career.

For me it would be the greatest night of my career to become the first boxer from this island to be a three-weight world champion and to do it in Belfast. It's good to be back to winning ways and for my son Rossa to realise that his dad doesn't just lose.

He was in bed with my wife Christine when the fight was on and woke up just as it ended. She told him I had won, he shouted 'yes' and then fell back to sleep!

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