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Carl Frampton: I’ll shake Scott Quigg’s hand after our fight but not Eddie Hearn or Joe Gallagher’s

By Carl Frampton

For all the tripe talked last week, my fans showed at the press conference in the Europa Hotel just why this fight with Scott Quigg is so big.

The atmosphere in the Europa on Wednesday was better than at some of Quigg’s fights! I could see at the start just how shocked Eddie Hearn and Quigg’s coach Joe Gallagher were at the reception they got. I’ve never seen a press conference like it — some of the things being shouted at Hearn and Gallagher are not for this column but they brought it on themselves because of their arrogance.

We had three press conferences this week, in London, Manchester and Belfast and it was a bit tiring but also exciting — but to be honest it didn’t feel as exciting as the announcement of the first fight with Kiko Martinez until we came to Belfast. 

London was just the media and then Manchester was open to the public but there were no more than 150 people and some of them were behind me. The Belfast fans brought it all to life and they certainly put Joe Gallagher back in his box. He wasn’t as cocky as he was in the previous two press conferences.

At the first two, I admit that Gallagher and Hearn got under my skin. I don’t like them, for me they are the definition of arrogance. After this fight I’ll shake Quigg’s hand when I’ve beaten him but if Hearn or Gallagher come over I’ll tell them where to go. They’ve shown me no respect.

Gallagher tried to indicate that I’ve been knocked out in sparring which is complete rubbish. I’ve never been knocked out in my life but of course it’s all about getting me to lose my cool. They know that the only way Quigg has a chance of winning this fight is if I lose my head and just stand and throw wild shots, toe to toe. If they think that’s going to happen they’re just daft.

They got to me on Monday but when I get into fight mode then it’s a different story, I’ll be ready to carry out my game plan.

So, we’ll see how Quigg not only handles my boxing skill but also the occasion. I’m used to this kind of event, I’ve fought before 16,000 at Titanic with the expectation of a country on my shoulders — Quigg is going from relative obscurity to a whole new level and that brings more pressure and what will it feel like to be booed in his own back yard?

Throughout the week I stayed away from Quigg and his camp behind the scenes, we just came together at the actual press conferences. Before each one of them he was sitting down with his team for half an hour to work out what he was going to say, writing things down — his talking was all manufactured, just like his World title belt.

I didn’t get any advice, I was just asked the questions and answered them honestly — the only thing I was told was to cut out the swearing after the press conference in London when I did let my emotions get away from me.

When Hearn was saying that I’m working for him for this fight because it’s on Sky, that did annoy me and my team because we know he was under pressure from Sky to make this fight and the big money is coming from Sky, ticket sales and sponsorship.

Now all the talk is out of the way for a while, it’s down to the hard graft because I must be at my best to give my fans the victory they want.

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