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Cash-strapped Northern Ireland women recruited for caravan park sex


Sunday Life has exposed the madams behind one of the Northern Ireland's biggest money-spinning prostitution rackets.

Sunday Life has exposed the madams behind one of the Northern Ireland's biggest money-spinning prostitution rackets.

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Sunday Life has exposed the madams behind one of the Northern Ireland's biggest money-spinning prostitution rackets.

Two of Northern Ireland’s most prolific vice queens unmasked as we reveal how they are recruiting women to sell sex around caravan parks.

In an undercover investigation, Sunday Life lifts the lid on the madams behind one of the province’s biggest money-spinning prostitution rackets.

We uncover how Ann from Antrim and Sophie from Bangor have been raking in a fortune by preying on cash-strapped young mums needing money for Christmas.

The brazen duo, who may be operating under false names, drive girls across Northern Ireland to paying customers before taking half their wages.

After getting into Ann’s flashy new 4x4 motability car Sunday Life was being taken to a caravan in Millisle, Co Down, for sex – one of a number of caravan parks they service with callgirls. The owners of the parks are not aware of the racket.

Sunday Life secretly recorded a conversation between the punter and ‘receptionist’ Sophie, who also works as a hooker.

“The ad said it was £80 but because it’s Millisle it’ll be more. We could do it for £100 for you today,” said Sophie.

She then turned to our reporter and said: “There you go — you’ve got your first job. There’s 50 quid for you.

“Basically you want to go in there and be as quick as you can but you don’t want to rush them. You want them to want you back again because your regulars are your bread and butter.”

Opening the glove compartment of the June 2017 registered Nissan X-Trail, Sophie said: “This drawer is full of condoms so use one and take a few extra just in case.”


The two madams drive prostitutes to caravan parks

The two madams drive prostitutes to caravan parks

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The two madams drive prostitutes to caravan parks

Ann, who drives their employees around in two different cars, added: “You’re going to make an absolute fortune, don’t be nervous about it.

“Once you get the first one done and you have the money in your hand, boom.”

The pair boasted about their booming business and explained how they run the growing escort agency.

Ann said: “A lot of staff like us because we’re girls only. And because it’s that price, £120 (per hour), it sets a certain precedent that brings in that sort of person. A guy on the dole is not going to be able to afford £120.

“A week in advance, just give me the shifts of what you can do so then you’ll know what you’re going to do.”

Sophie added: “Basically what happens is you go in, and we’ll be outside so you’ll never be on your own, and you don’t do anything until they give you money. You take the money and then do whatever you want to do.


Pictured a female who said her name is Ann.

Pictured a female who said her name is Ann.

Pictured a female who said her name is Ann.

“It’s up to you what your dos and don’ts are. I don’t do anal, I don’t kiss, that’s up to you.”

She also revealed how three-in-a-bed romps are big business.

“If you start and you’re okay, we do duos as well, there’s a lot of money in duos. That would be me and you, but it’s more all of them. The men are that excited it’s two minutes and out the door.

“That’s usually 60 quid each for minimum work so we could do it if you’re interested in that. Usually you’ll get nice easy jobs and if it’s outside Belfast you’ll get more money and if you’re a nice pretty girl then you’ll get more.

“It just depends if the phones are ringing. The way it works is you’ll balance yourself out where you might have one quiet day but you’ll have really busy days after that so you’ll always have a good wage.”

While in the car, Sophie took calls from punters on four different mobiles, while texting on a fifth.

When asked why they favourite call-outs to places like caravan parks over running a brothel, she said: “We only deal with call-outs because when someone is getting you out to their home, they’re not going to f*** about because that’s their home. They don’t know whether you’ve got 27 guys in a van outside or not if they mess about.

“Call-ins are just too dodgy — it could be your dad.”

Ann and Sophie also told our reporter how to avoid being caught by the Jobs and Benefits Office, or friends and family.

Ann warned: “You’ll definitely make a lot of money, but put it all away and don’t put it in the bank either because the brew will see it. They’re on top of everything.”

Sophie explained that as part of her disguise she had T-shirts with a made up workplace printed on them.

“You can have one, you can just put it on and say you’re going to work.”

Ann added: “If you need to let on that I’m your boss or anything that’s fine.”

The contact number supplied on the online advert Sunday Life originally responded to has been used to sell sex since 2008.

Despite this, and revealing details of other women on their books, Sophie claimed to have only started doing in-calls in May before “doing this” two months ago.

She then suggested the name Daisy as a “sex name” for our undercover reporter.

“You can change your name every week. I change it because the blokes will look up and see the same ads and they get bored so you just change it and they think they’re getting something new.”

Ann added: “We’ve done the Jennys, the Sophies, we’ve had a Lucy. We need something young and innocent for you.

“There is another girl who has only just started but she has not been blessed in the looks department.”

The pair told how their new recruit’s services will be advertised online.

“I find your photos for you so your photos will never be used,” said Sophie.

She explained how she spent hours looking for photos that looked like her escorts to post online. “They’ll look like you but they’ll never be you,” she said

As for advice on what rules their staff should abide, Ann said to “dress smart casual” like “black jeans and a shirt” and “always keep your wits about you and give yourself a clean afterwards.”

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