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City's dark secret

Cheers went up across Derry city last month when it was named the UK’s City of Culture for 2013. However, the shouts of joy mask a dark secret — the Maiden City is also Northern Ireland’s top rated town for terror.

Last year a quarter of all paramilitary attacks recorded in Northern Ireland occurred in Derry.

Dissident republicans have been responsible for every one, with Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and the Real IRA being the most active.

Worryingly, these grim statistics show no sign of getting better — with even more shootings and bombings taking place in recent weeks.

One of the latest victims was convicted drug dealer Gavin Nixon, who had a pipe bomb thrown at his Hazelbank home at the end of June. His partner and two-year-old son Jayden were in the house when the deadly device came through the front door.

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