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Cops going soft on crime - official

Dozens of rapists, paedos and violent thugs are being let off with cautions, police chiefs have admitted.

Statistics obtained by Sunday Life show that in the past three years relieved criminals have been given slaps on the wrist for the most horrific crimes.

Last year one sicko was issued with a police caution for the rape of a child under 13, while another was given a similar ticking-off for rape.

If these cases had been taken to court the guilty parties could have been jailed for life.

Cautions are the lowest form of criminal sanction and are given when an offender admits a crime but no punishment is imposed.

Figures on what offences they have been issued for were released to this newspaper following a Freedom of Information request.

The frightening statistics show that criminals are escaping with cautions for a litany of serious crimes that can be punished with lengthy prison terms.

These include robbery, blackmail, GBH, arson, drug dealing and possessing firearms.

For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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