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Cultra businessman called police-officer 'tarted up bimbo' from Ardoyne in bar

Caspar Lund.

This is the shamed Cultra businessman who called an on-duty female police officer a “tarted up bimbo” from a working class district of Belfast when she approached him in a Co Down bar.

Intoxicated Caspar John Lund was slurring his words as he told the officer she was “probably from Ardoyne”.

The 46-year-old interior designer, from Clanbrassil Road in the exclusive Cultra area on North Down’s ‘gold coast’, was told his behaviour was “pig ignorant” by a judge.

He comes from a well-established business family in Northern Ireland.

Lund’s problems were revealed in his local newspaper, the County Down Spectator, which highlighted his appearance at Ards Magistrates Court on on a string of charges.

A prosecutor said that on June 14, police were called to a bar in Holywood where they found Lund in an intoxicated state, smelling of booze and slurring his words.

He was suspected of driving while drunk but refused to undergo a breath test when asked by officers.

A defence lawyer said Lund had driven to the pub, drank alcohol but had not intended to drive home.

The lawyer said this was why Lund had refused to give a sample.

In the police vehicle, Lund had then pointed his finger at an officer and insulted her.

The court heard Lund had a drink problem and was attending AA meetings four times a week.

The company director had written a letter of apology for his behaviour to police, his lawyer added.

Lund admitted charges of failing to give a specimen and assaulting police. He denied charges of threatening to kill, possessing cannabis and possessing an offensive weapon, namely an ornamental sword - and those three charges were withdrawn.

District Judge Mark Hamill slapped Lund with fines totalling £550 and imposed four penalty points. He also bound him over to keep the peace for the next two years. He warned the Cultra man it would cost him another £500 if he was “pig ignorant to any other public servant” he encountered.

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