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Denise Van Outen is Christine Lampard's biggest fan

TV star on motherhood, fame and how the Loose Women girls love a gossip

Denise van Outen
Denise van Outen

By David O'Dornan

Telly presenter Denise Van Outen says she is her Loose Women co-star Christine Lampard's biggest fan.

Denise revealed how the presenters on the UTV daytime show are so close that they were among the first people that Christine shared a snap of her baby Patricia with.

She said: "Christine I know very well from Loose Women and also Gloria (Hunniford), we did something over here for Loose Women as well.

"There's a group WhatsApp chat. I can't tell you what's on it - you can only imagine.

"But again, it's a nice one because Christine shared pictures of the baby first with the women. She's lovely, I'm a real fan of Christine."

Denise (44) was in Belfast on Monday as Matalan's brand ambassador, surprising shoppers at their Boucher Road store by handing out vouchers, before heading to Ballymena and one of her favourite hotels - the Galgorm Resort and Spa.

She said: "I'm a big lover of the Galgorm. I've had a really busy time and I've treated myself to a little spa treatment. So I'm going to unwind and sit and reflect."

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The Essex-born star's latest fashion ad campaign for Matalan also features her eight-year-old daughter Betsy, her child with ex-husband Lee Mead.

Denise said: "I feel like it's fine because I'm there as well, you know? And to her it's like I either go away for five days and don't see her or she comes with me and is part of it. And I think it gives her a real understanding of what I'm actually doing, because I think it's quite hard to explain to a kid the industry I'm in because it involves a lot of going away, a lot of travelling, long hours, and sometimes having to switch my phone off because I'm in studio.

"She gets it now, she understands it. It may be something she doesn't want to do for ever, she hasn't got an agent or anything! She enjoys it.

"She's different to me though. When I was younger, you could just tell that I was born with jazz hands, she's not really that sort of kid. Everywhere I went I danced, I sang. She's not really like that."

Denise has been a regular visitor across the Irish Sea this year because she is one of the judges on TV3's Ireland's Got Talent alongside Louis Walsh. She said: "I love it because I feel like I can sit there and be part of it because I've done it. Even when the kids come on stage I can critique them and advise them and say the things that were said to me.

"I think it's quite evident we all get on. It's funny, we stood backstage and Louis went, 'I think this is the first TV show I've ever worked on where everybody likes each other'.

"I love Louis. It's weird, as much as he gossips and we all think, 'I don't want to be part of the gossip', you can't help but listen and go, 'Oh, really?'

"Fame was never instant for me. It looked to people like it was instant, it wasn't. I'd had a lot of knock-backs in my life from a young age and got used to that. That's why when everybody says on our show, 'Is it a bit harsh on the kids?' and I'm like well, first of all think about when you're a kid, even if you come last in the school sports day you cry, you get over it the next day. As quick as you get upset, you get over it quicker.

"When you're an adult you carry things with you more. When the kids are crying on stage, I know because I've been there, you think by tomorrow the mum's taken them for an ice cream and they're fine again.

"You know what I mean? Whereas somebody who's auditioned for it and has put everything into it who's in their 40s or 50s and thinks it's their last chance, they're the ones that would probably be more affected."

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