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Dissident republican Sean Kelly's living it up in Magilligan prison after suspected plea deal

By Patricia Devlin

A dissident republican jailed for his part in running a terror training camp has been moved to Magilligan prison.

Sean Kelly, who was jailed last year, was taken from the wing - Roe Four - that houses paramilitary prisoners in Maghaberry.

Sources in the jail claimed he was moved under the cover of darkness a couple of months ago.

The move has heightened their suspicions that the grandfather did a "plea deal" with police for a lower sentence - and a cushier time behind bars.

"Moving any of the lads from Roe Four is unheard of, especially moving someone under the cover of darkness," a dissident source told Sunday Life.

"Backs were already up about Kelly's decision to enter pleas over the firing range fiasco, but this has riled the leadership even more.

"He's basically living the high life in Magilligan where he walks about as if he owns the place, doing whatever he wants, while the rest are rotting in Maghaberry in 23-hour lock up.

"We've even heard he's taken up painting to pass the time. It's a joke."

Dissident republicans were already furious about revelations the convicted bomber lured terror queen Sharon Rafferty to Formil Wood, Omagh, in a failed bid to seduce her.

It was 50-year-old grandfather Kelly's bravado and boasts about dissident killing operations that ultimately saw the pair scooped by covert police - alongside brothers Aidan and Gavin Coney.

Kelly was the first of the four to admit to terror charges relating to the dissident operation, which saw police seize a .22 rifle, ammunition, gloves, training shoes, dark clothing and balaclavas.

The Toome man, who was jailed for 24 years in 1992 for attempting to murder an RUC officer with a booby trap bomb, was under police surveillance while he had been attempting to charm Rafferty with his terror links.

He was recorded boasting about security force attacks including the 2010 booby trap bomb attempt on Catholic PSNI officer Peadar Heffron's life.

He told the Pomeroy woman that the murder bid, in which Mr Heffron lost a leg, "went like a dream" and also told her how he knew the name and address of a Maghaberry prison governor.

All four were sentenced in September, with Kelly sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison, with an order to serve five more on licence, while Rafferty, was sentenced to four years in jail and four on licence.

Aiden Coney, 37, from Malabhui Road in Carrickmore, and his 38-year-old brother Gavin, from Gorticashel Road in Omagh, were each sentenced to serve five years and nine months - half of which will be spent on licence.

David Jordan, Rafferty's boyfriend, is also said to be furious with Kelly over attempts to steal his woman.

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