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DUP love cheat in undies row

DUP golden girl Pam Lewis claimed for lacy Debenhams underwear on her expenses.

Today we also reveal how the South Antrim MLA spent more than £1,000 of ratepayers’ money in one trip to a Co Down boutique.

As Mayor of Antrim, the attractive mum-of-three submitted an expenses claim for a pair of the sexy cotton/lace vests bought in Debenhams along with claims for five coats and numerous dresses, skirts, tops and jackets.

Fellow councillors have been getting hot under the collar about Glam Pam’s claim for £2,616 spent on clothes during her year as mayor, which began in June 2010.

Former mayor Adrian Cochrane-Watson says that while her clothing claims have not breached any rules he wants the regulations changed.

Pam, 39, herself has hotly denied claiming for undies — her office sent an email to Sunday Life last week saying at no time during her term office did she claim for underwear.

We responded to Ms Lewis’ email by asking her to address these points:

  • to answer her critics who say her £2,617 clothing claim was outrageous;
  • explain why she favoured the Sheila Scott boutique in Comber where she spent £1,100 of Antrim ratepayers’ cash — most of it in one day; and
  • given her undies denial, to explain the Debenhams receipt she submitted marked ‘BRIEFS’.

By last night neither Mrs Lewis nor the DUP had responded to our requests for answers.

For the full story, see this week's Sunday Life.

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