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DUP MP's wife accuses him of affair - Simpson leaves luxury family home

DUP man (59) is booted out of luxury home after wife Elaine accuses him of having an affair

By Christopher Woodhouse

DUP MP David Simpson has been given the boot by his wife who accuses him of having an affair, Sunday Life can reveal.

The member for Upper Bann and champion of Christian family values was told to leave his luxury detached home by spouse Elaine and is now living in a bachelor pad. Simpson's daughter Leah told Sunday Life last night: "It's true and my mum's priority and our priority at the moment is just to get on with our lives.

"She did ask him to leave when she found out but as I said our foremost priority is to get through the next weeks and months ahead.

"There are children, grandchildren and mum is just trying to keep focused."

When approached by our reporter at his constituency office in Banbridge the Orange Order member, who was still wearing his wedding ring, did not wish to speak about the matter.

But when it was put to him that people were saying unpleasant things about his marital break-up he said: "That's life".

The DUP did not respond to requests for comment and Simpson's wife Elaine did not return our calls.


Sunday Life pictured Simpson (59) driving alone from his new pad at the plush Gosford Castle near Markethill, Co Armagh, yesterday. Simpson, who once hit out at being called a "liar, a cheat and a manipulator" during an election campaign, had been living with his wife of nearly 30 years until several weeks ago.

Their former marital home sits in grounds just yards from the multi-million pound meat wholesale firm, the Universal Meat Company, which Simpson established in the 1980s. In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph in 2015, Simpson spoke lovingly of how close the family were.

"We're still a very close family and often have Sunday lunch together," he said.

"Sometimes, if I'm home on a Friday and don't have any meetings, then I'll say to one of them that we should go out for a meal.

"You can't ask one without asking them all and that includes their other halves too, so there could be seven or eight of us at a restaurant at any given time.

"Those are the nights I enjoy. It's a wee get-together and a bit of craic around the table."

Free Presbyterian Simpson has also spoken of how important his devout Christian faith is to him in everyday life.

"I ask God for wisdom every day, every single morning - for wisdom and for guidance. I also believe that the Bible is a great road map and it's bang right up to date," he told one newspaper.

"So I ask God for guidance and wisdom. Do I get everything right? No. But I have the confidence that He is there to help me through it."

In the House of Commons Simpson tried to defend what he claims to be traditional marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Speaking against the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill in February 2013, he said: "This is not the jurisdiction of this House, this is not the jurisdiction of this Government of any European government or any government in the world.

"This is an ordained constitution of God, and that'll end in...'In the garden of Eden it was Adam and Eve it wasn't Adam and Steve'."

In January, he joined fellow DUP MPs in signing an early day motion calling on parliament to acknowledge that prayer has the power to help people.

Simpson has been the MP for Upper Bann since ousting then UUP leader David Trimble from the seat in 2005.

He previously told of how God lead him and his wife to adopt children, firstly daughter Kirsty from India and then twins Leah and Steven from Paraguay.

"As a committed Christian couple we believed that God had his own plan for us. I can honestly say right from the outset that international adoption was our first thought," he said.

"We really felt that this was where God was leading us and what He wanted us to do."

He said there were some curious looks from locals when the couple first brought their daughter Kirsty back from India in 1987.

"Elaine and I would laugh when we took Kirsty out shopping etc. You could see people looking at this lovely baby, look at Elaine, look at me and then back to Kirsty with this totally confused look on their faces. We just smiled," he told the News Letter.

Two years later the couple wanted to adopt more children and looked to South America after seeing a feature about international adoption on breakfast TV.

"In December 1989 we travelled to Paraguay and met for the first time our beautiful twins, Steven David and Leah Viola Simpson," he recalled.

Simpson threw open the doors to the luxury home where he and Elaine raised the kids for a feature about his favourite room with the same newspaper just before last Christmas.

He was pictured relaxing on a large sofa in his spacious sitting room with a towering 10-foot tall Christmas tree in the corner of the room. Describing it as "spacious, bright, homely and quiet", he explained that he picked the favourite feature of the room, the fireplace, while Elaine selected the finishing touches.

"I can withdraw into it. With my hectic lifestyle, it is good to have a place of relaxation and, as they say, chill out. And of course I'm partial to the odd wee nap," said Simpson.

Daughter Leah also shared fond childhood memories of the room.

"Dad sat on the rocking chair in the corner watching us opening our presents. He just loved watching all the excitement and he does the same even to this very day," she said.

Following the 2015 general election, he hit out a racial slurs and derogatory comments aimed at his adopted children during the campaign.

He claimed the remarks had come from Ulster Unionist supporters. However, then UUP leader Mike Nesbitt said he had failed to produce any evidence for his claims.

This is not the first embarrassing appearance in the press for Simpson.

A month before last year's general election he claimed on a campaign leaflet that he had "visited British troops on the front line of Afghanistan" in 2010.

But he was unable to meet with squaddies in the war-torn country as the hefty MP was too big to fit in an army flak jacket.

A DUP spokesperson clarified that Simpson had met with troops in Iraq and the claim on the leaflet was due to a "printing error".

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