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Adrian Dunbar shares love for ‘tacky’ Bundoran


Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian Dunbar

Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar has revealed his love for family holidays in a “tacky but fantastic” Co Donegal town.

The Enniskillen-born actor has also said he was a bit worried about fitting back into the uniform of Superintendent Ted Hastings for the hit show’s sixth series, which was filmed in Northern Ireland due to be broadcast “soon”.

He said on BBC Radio Four’s Saturday Live yesterday: “Now and again you can find a place that has just stood still.

“When I go into Bundoran, to this day, I remember one summer all of us packed into the car, going along the Loughshore Road.

“The Army were stopping people and this traffic was backed up to get across the border and it was a really warm day so all the cars were overheating.

“By the time we got to Bundoran our car, this Mark 2 Cortina, had literally just fallen apart and I remember one of the wings fell off just as we came up to this garage.

“So my father just turned the car directly into the garage and the car fell apart, literally. That garage is still there.

“But we always had fabulous holidays in Bundoran, it’s a great spot, it’s tacky but it’s fantastic.”

Mr Dunbar recently returned to the west coast of Ireland for a new two-part series for Channel 5, Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland, which airs on Thursday at 8pm.

“We spent all our summer holidays in Donegal and Sligo, once I’m out there I’m on holiday...the west coast in particular is full of drama, it’s an incredible place,” he said.

“Incredible light, incredible cliffs, so getting the opportunity to get out there and do something... it’s a gift.”

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