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Christine Lampard on her daughter’s Belfast accent and the importance of family visits home


Christine Lampard at the Christine Lampard x Wallis SS22 collection launch

Christine Lampard at the Christine Lampard x Wallis SS22 collection launch

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Patricia Lampard at a pumpkin farm

Patricia Lampard at a pumpkin farm

Frank and Christine Lampard

Frank and Christine Lampard


Christine Lampard at the Christine Lampard x Wallis SS22 collection launch

Christine Lampard finds it bizarre her daughter Patricia doesn’t have a Belfast accent.

The TV presenter has a three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son Freddie with husband Frank Lampard, manager of Everton FC.

The Co Down star told Showbiz Life: “Yes, sometimes I think about it [her accent], but she’ll say little things like ‘Mummy, can I have a wee drink?’, so she’ll say little turns of phrases that are from the home, but it doesn’t sound it, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t take much.

“She would just need to be at home more, but she’s with me all the time, so you would think it would rub off on her in some shape or fashion. I’m sure I could work it in there a bit, but naturally she does sound quite English.”

Christine (43) is determined that despite growing up in London, her kids learn all about their Northern Irish roots.

She explained: “We haven’t got a place in Northern Ireland, but we stay at my mum and dad’s or my sister’s. I was always at mum and dad’s pre-children. And now with the two little ones, it’s a wee bit easier in my sister’s, because there is just a bit more room basically. We just take over with our suitcases and make her house a shambles, but we stay between the two of them so we still do that.

“Last time we were home, we were down with mum and dad in Newtownards and went down by the beach towards Portaferry, just to take in the beauty of everything, you forget everything is so easy there.

“Then suddenly you want to go shopping and you’ve got a big car park. I really appreciate the ease and the beauty of home. The older I get, the more I bring the little ones back.

“I want them to see more, Patricia is well aware of where granny and grandad live, and she knows where it is on the map. And she knows all the bits, we were talking about St Patrick the other day so she’s aware of it.

“And going home and taking them home with me is really, really important. And it’s just important to see mum and dad because it’s not as easy for them to get over here anymore. So just to get back home is the loveliest thing in the world.”

While Christine can’t really imagine moving back to Northern Ireland permanently, she does want to spend more time here, particularly with Frank away in Liverpool where he manages Everton.

Christine, who has just launched her second collection of clothes with Wallis, added: “I’d definitely spend more time there though. We were talking about it with Frank — he will be away pre-season anyway — and if it worked, I would like to go home. There are definitely chunks of time I would like to spend at home that I wouldn’t have done in recent years. People would go on holiday somewhere hot and exotic — I’ll go home without a doubt.”

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