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Comedian Nish Kumar takes some Control of NI politics in tour


Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar

Press Association Images

Nish Kumar

Nish Kumar

Press Association Images


Nish Kumar

Funnyman Nish Kumar has been swotting up on the complexities of the ‘folks on the hill’ ahead of performing in Belfast.

The 36-year-old stand-up comedian is bringing his tour, Control, to the Ulster Hall on Wednesday.

The show’s title is a reference to the rallying cry of Brexiteers to “take back control’ and he promises the show will have an agitated take on British politics.

He told Showbiz Life: “You have to be really right across it (NI politics). And it is amazing how many particularly English people don’t have a clue about what’s going on. And it is very worrying.”

While Nish doesn’t tend to adapt his show for different cities, he is aware that there might be necessary changes for the Belfast show.

The star, who became known as the host of satirical comedy The Mash Report, added: “It depends on how relevant that feels. You don’t want to get too much into the process of like pandering to an audience. But you also do want to be aware of different political situations. And I think that that is especially significant when you’re travelling between England and Northern Ireland or Wales or Scotland, you want the audience to understand that you understand that there is a different political system.”

Nish thinks English politics is starting to mirror the Stormont MLAs here.

He added: “You almost can’t get into politics in Northern Ireland or the Republic without touching on the struggle and the actual conflicts that have cost lives. But that’s what is sort of interesting about the last decade because politics in England has some of that kind of intensity. 

“It’s difficult to see things in terms of ‘I think one thing you think another thing,’ when the UN is kind of castigating the austerity policies, people have died because of austerity. It’s hard to not see it as just a sort of ‘well at the end of the day, you say potato, I say potato’. It’s like, ‘I say, potato, you’ve killed a bunch of people.’

 Nish Kumar’s Control is at Belfast’s Ulster Hall on Wednesday May 11. Check out for more details

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