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Derry Girls actor Tommy put tiers in star’s eyes


Tommy Tiernan in Derry Girls

Tommy Tiernan in Derry Girls

Tommy Tiernan in Derry Girls

Saoirse-Monica Jackson only cried on the last day of filming Derry Girls when she saw Tommy Tiernan getting upset.

The 28-year-old admitted that it “broke her” seeing the comedian get emotional.

She said: “Everybody was starting to cry throughout the day and I was like, ‘Does it look really bad that I’m not crying?’ I tried to bust a tear out, but I always get like that when things are a bit overwhelming.

“But seeing Tommy Tiernan being emotional... our crew started me going, then Dylan Llewellyn came up to me and said, ‘Jesus, what a journey we’ve been on’. Then I broke.”

The actress also admitted she would have been completely gutted not to have landed the lead role in the show, especially as it’s set in her home city.

She added: “It was such an incredible thing to go through, especially being from Derry myself. I always think, ‘Thank God I got the part’.

“I mean, I would have obviously been delighted for my hometown that the show was successful, but imagine having to watch it if I hadn’t got the part.

“It’s been the most incredible journey. I don’t think that any of us could have expected it.”

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