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Derry Girls star Ian McElhinney so comfortable in Granda Joe’s shoes he took them home


Granda Joe in his hat

Granda Joe in his hat

Peter Campion and Ian McElhinney

Peter Campion and Ian McElhinney

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Granda Joe in his hat

Derry Girls star Ian McElhinney has revealed he kept the hat and shoes he wore as loveable grumpy Granda Joe in the hit TV series.

Ian (73) was joined by fellow stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and Derry Girls writer and creator Lisa McGee for a glamorous red carpet premiere of the third and final season on Thursday.

Speaking on the red carpet at Derry’s Omniplex Cinema the Belfast man told Sunday Life he took Granda Joe’s “iconic” hat home with him along with a pair of shoes he wore as part of his costume.

He said: “Actually in my case I took Granda Joe’s hat but I was allowed to do so, it’s a great hat and it’s sort of iconic.

“The other thing I took, and I tend to do this on a lot shoots, if the shoes are comfortable I always take the shoes because it’s not always easy to find shoes that are comfortable so I like to keep them!”

Game Of Thrones star Ian also gave his backing to the idea of a permanent museum or exhibition to the show in the city of Derry.

He continued: “I would love to see an exhibition or a museum, I didn’t know it was a possibility but I remember thinking at the time when we left the set, the house set, wouldn’t be great if people could come and visit this.

“I don’t know if anyone has that in their head to do it or how they would do it, to my knowledge the set is still there and it hasn’t been destroyed, so it’s possible.”

Sunday Life exclusively revealed the Derry Girls cast and crew had been filming at Barry’s Amusements in October last year with Ian saying at the time they felt like the “last kids in the playground” as the beloved amusement park had been doomed to closure.

However Barry’s, now known as Curry’s Fun Park, has since been saved by an amusements firm in the Republic of Ireland and reopened on Saturday evening, a rollercoaster ride which has made Ian very happy.

He added: “Well I was delighted to hear recently that Barry’s Amusements is not closing, that’s brilliant, I really thought it was very sad.

“I thought we had been the last people in it and nobody would ever be in there again but I’m so pleased it is going to re-open. I am chuffed about that.”

Ian was joined on the red carpet by co-star Peter Campion who plays Father Peter in the show. He told Sunday Life how grateful he was to the show’s creator Lisa McGee and said being at the premier was “trippy”.

He said: “Derry Girls is so Derry, so Derry, it’s all Derry! So to be here is kinda trippy actually.

“Lisa is just the most gorgeous person you could ever meet, she’s so lovely and so talented, I’m really grateful to her actually for letting me do this programme and creating such a good show.”

The show’s cast and crew arrived at the Omniplex Cinema on Thurday night eager to catch a glimpse of the final cut of the first two episodes of the third and last series.

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