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Derry Girls: Why Saoirse-Monica Jackson thinks she’s lucky to film with Liam Neeson


Saoirse-Monica Jackson with Liam Neeson

Saoirse-Monica Jackson with Liam Neeson

Saoirse-Monica Jackson with Liam Neeson

Saoirse-Monica Jackson has described filming with Liam Neeson as “the best experience of her life”.

The Ballymena actor (69) played a RUC police inspector in the opening episode of the new series of Derry Girls.

The 28-year-old actress, who plays schoolgirl Erin says: “Oh my god. It was probably the best experiences of my life and I think the person has such a huge prescence and massive star quality and someone I’ve always looked up to because they are from the same place so the opportunity to work with him was amazing. He was so generous. It was such a funny, surreal experience.”

Meanwhile Tara Lynne O’Neill, who plays Ma Mary, didn’t even tell her family that Liam was making an appearance in case they ruined the surprise.

She adds: “I know I know. Keeping quiet about it was really hard. I didn’t tell anyone in my family because I don’t trust them. He fitted right in. It’s amazing how many people wanted to be part of these season, who want to be part of it and Liam was no different. And I loved people’s reactions to it and I think we did a really good job keeping it quiet so when people actually did see it, it did blow everyone’s mind. Watching Jamie Lee (O’Donnell) flirt with him was possibly the best comedy I’ve ever seen. “

Derry Girls continues on Tuesday at 9.15pm on Channel 4.

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