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Grub Spy: It’s burn appétit at The Firehouse

Red-hot fare and service from star staff at the Enniskillen restaurant.


The Firehouse

The Firehouse

Chicken with chimichurri sauce

Chicken with chimichurri sauce

Slow-cooked beef brisket with garlic sauce

Slow-cooked beef brisket with garlic sauce


The Firehouse

We were instantly met with amazing aromas as we entered the restaurant and soon after met by a friendly member of staff.

Both of those positives continued as we sat opposite the busy open kitchen, with its exposed brickwork and occasional flash of flames.

There were scents of smoke, charring meat, baking pizza dough and a heady hit of garlic all filling the air, and that eclectic mix carried through into the varied menu.

The service was seamless from start to finish, easily the best I’ve had in years. The team was friendly, happy and attentive and were able to anticipate just about everything before we had to ask.

We were informed how long some of the mains took to prepare and were advised of items that were being substituted on the menu. I was even reminded that I might want to receive the kids' meal at the same time as the starters, which was wise, as I had a very hungry child with me.

The standard never dipped. Cutlery and condiments were delivered without fuss and I even saw the servers alerting the chef to items missing from plates on a couple of occasions so as to avoid any awkwardness at the table.

This was service as it should be. 

Sublime service always makes great food taste even better — and we were certainly treated to some great food. Turning to the kids' meal first: it was an absolute winner, with crispy canoe-style chips and a big meaty burger.

For our starters we tucked into a crunchy, delicious flatbread covered in garlic and rocket, as well as a sizzling iron pan filled with chunks of melting, slow-cooked beef brisket in a rich sauce that was somewhere between beef gravy and a sweet barbecue dip. This meaty goodness was topped with a creamy garlic sauce to add even more flavour.

The mains did not disappoint either. Fresh from the pizza oven came some wonderful stone-baked dough topped with an interesting selection of moist, spicy chicken, soft slivers of roasted red peppers and red onions, all given an extra kick thanks to plenty of chilli flakes.

The other main was half a moist chicken bursting with barbecue flavour and coated in herby chimichurri sauce. I hadn’t really fancied the roasted corn side, so the Firehouse team swapped it out for a garlic potato dish without hesitation. And what a decadent plate of potatoes it was, with so much cheese and garlic. There was also a dressed salad on the side, although it did get a bit lost among all the strong flavours.

The food was all quite simple, but the combination of quality ingredients, cooked with skill and the right equipment, along with superb service elevated it to a truly enjoyable experience. I think this is my new favourite Fermanagh restaurant.

The food
Garlic flatbread £5.50
Beef burnt ends £7.25
Spatchcock chicken £16.50
Red rooster pizza £13.50
Kids’ burger £6
2 soft drinks £4.80
Total  £53.55

The rating
Service *****
Food *****
Decor ****
Vegetarian ****

The Firehouse, 26 Townhall Street, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh. Tel: 028 6632 5210

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