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Jamie Dornan planning to work in Northern Ireland for the forseeable future


Shane with one of his Tea With Me podcast guests, Jamie Dornan

Shane with one of his Tea With Me podcast guests, Jamie Dornan

Shane with one of his Tea With Me podcast guests, Jamie Dornan

Those who though Jamie Dornan had swapped Holywood for Hollywood are mistaken because the actor has big plans to be back working at home as he launches his own production company.

Speaking about why he liked working back at home, he explained: "I'm happy to hang out with my mates. I love filming at home, but I've been quite conscious about trying to not play Irish characters throughout my career.

"I'm setting up a production company at the minute and we've got two projects that are set in the North and one set in Dublin."

The 37-year-old rose to fame in BBC1 thriller The Fall with Gillian Anderson.

He also played Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

"I was lucky enough with The Fall to come back for three series," he told Shane Todd's Tea With Me.

"I filmed this thing with Emily Blunt before Christmas over in Mayo and that is important to me to keep doing that and tell stories from home because, though slightly biased, I think Irish people are the best people in the world."

Jamie, who is self-isolating with his wife Amelia Warner and their three daughters, Dulcie (6), Elva (4) and one-year-old Alberta, admitted he preferred to work with people from home because they understand him better.

"It's a unique thing to work with an Irish crew north, south, east or west, just Irish people. Working with a purely Irish crew is brilliant because you have this shorthand understanding of each other and you're not having to explain to each other. You can talk the way you want to talk and no one is going, 'What was that?' and literally not understanding what you are saying or getting the joke," he said.

"It's great being on the same wavelength as a whole crew. I'll always try and do stuff at home if I can. I love it."

Jamie, who attracts numerous selfie hunters at home, doesn't even mind that fans approach him and he's got plenty of mates to protect him when he wants some peace.

"I get more hassle or attention at home than anywhere else. That can be a wee bit frustrating, but I'm not going to go to Laverys on a Friday night or the Bot on a Wednesday for student night. I'm not doing that," he said.

"I've been out in Holywood. I really haven't been in a nightclub in Belfast in 10 years - that's not the craic in Holywood.

"I go out with my friend Dermy. He was my driver on The Fall for the whole series and for Death and Nightingales, which I did back home.

"He is like family to me now and with my entire family. I love him very much and he loves drinking. He is Mr Holywood. He's an imposing physical presence. He shields me from people."

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