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Jesy Nelson's pain over Belfast trolls after Little Mix show was cancelled


Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson


Little Mix

Little Mix


Jesy Nelson

JESY Nelson has told how she came in for serious flak after Little Mix were forced to cancel two concerts in Belfast because she had excruciating toothache.

Hundreds of children were left in tears after the 2016 gigs at the SSE Arena were pulled, with the band and Jesy in particular coming in for harsh criticism.

The 29-year-old, who left Little Mix last week because of "constant pressure", said she was sent nasty messages which brought home to her that she was expected to be a "robot" and not take time off to recover from illness.

"What never crossed my mind was not being able to perform because of the problems with my wisdom teeth. About halfway through the tour, they got infected and the pain was excruciating," she said in Our World, the band's second autobiography.

"I was dosed up on powerful antibiotics that were making me throw up the whole time and I couldn't get on top of the pain. For about a week I felt so bad I couldn't sleep. If I got two hours a night, I was lucky.

"All this time we were doing high-energy shows and I was finding it painful to sing.

"Every time a dancer picked me up and swung me round, I thought I was going to be sick.

"I did what I could to hold things together and keep going, but after a week of sleepless nights and constant pain, I think I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and, on stage in Dublin, I got emotional and broke down.


Little Mix

Little Mix

Little Mix

"The next day we had two shows in Belfast and I wasn't feeling any better. It was obvious I couldn't carry on.

"I needed to rest, so we had to cancel, which was horrible, especially when you've got fans arriving at the venue and going away disappointed.

"Cancelling a show is the last thing you ever want to do. If I'd been able to go on and give a good performance, I would have.

"I went home, my mum looked after me and all I did was sleep. Sometimes you need the comfort of being in your own bed and a day of two away from work.

"Luckily, the antibiotics I was on cleared up the infection and I was back on the road again in time for the next date in Sheffield.

"We managed to reschedule the Belfast concerts, but people were upset. While I had some lovely get-well messages, I got loads of flak as well.

"I think some people assume you can perform no matter how you're feeling, but we're not robots and it's not always possible, however much you might want to."

The singer said last week she was quitting Little Mix "with a heavy heart" after nine years of performing and touring.

Announcing her departure from the group on Instagram, Jesy wrote: "The truth is, recently being in the band has really taken a toll on my mental health.

"I find the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations very hard.

"I need to spend some time with the people I love, doing things that make me happy.

"I'm ready to embark on a new chapter in my life. I'm not sure what it's going to look like right now, but I hope you'll still be there to support me.

"Most of all, I want to say thank you to Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne for creating some of the most amazing memories I'll never forget."

Before leaving the band, Jesy (below) told how she had struggled to deal with body-shaming trolls who started singling her out when she appeared on X Factor.

She detailed how, because she was worried about her mum's heart condition, was struggling to deal with pressure and hated constant early rises for photoshoots, she turned to food for comfort.

Her former bandmates, Perrie Edwards (27), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (29) and 27-year-old Jade Thirlwall, have said that their upcoming tour will go ahead "with or without" Jesy.

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