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Sara Pascoe bringing her success story to Belfast

Rat race and IVF on the agenda for Ulster Hall show


Sarah Pascoe

Sarah Pascoe

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Pete Burns

Pete Burns

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Sarah Pascoe

Sara Pascoe wants to show the people of Belfast what success is when she comes to Northern Ireland later this year.

The 41-year-old is a regular on 8 out of 10 Cats and Taskmaster, the host of Guessable and has appeared The Great British Sewing Bee.

She said of her tour: “What I want to explore is how we define success. Does it change with age? When we attain our goals, do we move the goalposts and become unsatisfied with what we’ve got and want something else instead?”

While Sara might seem the image of success, not everything has been a bed of roses. She struggled to conceive before giving birth to her first child this year.

“I was having years of infertility and when we were going through IVF, the word ‘success’ was used a lot about the process,” she said.

“I wanted to contrast that with these other things that are seen as representing successful lives. There are a lot of areas covered.”

Sara was keen to explain there would also be hilarious celebrity anecdotes, including the time she terrified Pete Burns, the late frontman of 80s band Dead Or Alive.

She recalled: “He did a reality show where he was looking for a PA and I was told I would get £50 cash in an envelope if I kept accosting him in the street. So, outside a coffee shop in Soho, I had to pretend to be a superfan and hug and kiss him and see how all these potential PAs would deal with this crazy, neurotic fangirl. At the end of that day, he said that I scared him, which just showed how good my acting was.”

Ahead of her UK tour, Sara said she would not be complaining about hitting the road.

She added: “Yes, it can be tiring, but when you’re in the dressing room before a show and you hear the hubbub of a busy room, you feel very lucky that people will come and see you at all, never mind in their hundreds.

“There’s a description in Alan Davies’ book about how walking out on stage as a comedian is the closest you can get to being a toddler taking your first steps towards your excited parents.

“That’s the feeling comedians are trying to recreate by getting this huge round of applause from people who like you and are pleased you are there. That’s the side of it that’s addictive.”

Sara performs at the Ulster Hall on March 25. See for tickets

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