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Consumer Desk: Money card was a gesture of goodwill

Mary Johnston

I HAVE been trying to get an explanation for two incidents which happened in a branch of Tesco last July.

In both cases, a fortnight apart, I was over charged for the same 'Innocent' product. I was kept waiting 10 or 15 minutes for the difference to be refunded.

I was surprised the second time that the price had not been fixed and decided to write to Tesco Head Office.

I received a reply from Customer Services and enclose it along with the other three from the customer services manager.

The other letter is from a man who used to work in the store where I was overcharged. There was further correspondence between the customer services manager and myself on several occasions, but as with the letters received, I feel I have never received a proper explanation for the July incidents.

I received a £20 Tesco money card and gave it to my niece, but I continued to press for an explanation and was told the matter would be fully investigated.

The final letter I received seemed like a brush off and so I decided to treat the £20 money card as the sop it obviously was and returned a cheque for £20 to Tesco and haven't heard back whether it has received this. If you are able to help, I would be most grateful.

I AM astonished by this letter really. I am surprised that a huge store like Tesco took the trouble to write, not once, but five times regarding what really was a comparatively minor complaint.

The cost involved in this exercise has probably been factored into increased prices.

No, you shouldn't have been overcharged and you shouldn't have been kept waiting for your refund, but delays occur in most stores at times.

I believe the £20 money card was a goodwill gesture and you'd have been better accepting it as such.

It's a pity you sent the cheque for £20 to Tesco rather than donating it to a worthy charity. What's £20 to them?

There's still life in clothing firm refund

I AM writing in the hope that you could help me with an unresolved problem I have with a clothing company in Scotland.

I've enclosed copies regarding returns I made to them by recorded mail and copies of the letters I received from them.

I've returned goods and requested a bigger size which I have never received. I've sent them a few emails and a letter asking for a refund if the items are not available in the right size. The amount is £96.

I hope you are able to offer me some assistance with resolving this matter.

I TAKE it you're a goth then, given that your order was placed with a company called Drac-in-a-box - a fascinating name.

I have spoken to the company and staff inform me that they have actually sent several emails and apologise profusely if you haven't received them.

A spokesman said: "There is absolutely no problem with a refund on this or any occasion and, in fact, a cheque is now on its way."

He seemed concerned that you felt you hadn't been kept informed and is keen to keep your custom.

Let me know if you don't receive the cheque.

Cheque for iPod order on its way to you

COULD you please help me to retrieve my money back from Carphone Warehouse.

In January, I ordered and paid over the phone for a video iPod which cost £140.

The money was taken from my account on the same day, but after a lot of phone calls and many broken promises, it turned out there wasn't one ordered in the first place.

All this time later and after a lot of phone calls dealing with different people telling me different stories, I still can't get it sorted, which is why I'm writing to you.

Please could you help us?

A SPOKESPERSON has responded: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to process an order placed for an iPod.

A cheque was issued, but was unfortunately not received.

We have issued another cheque and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

That's as good as I could get.

Reader replies with Shop Electric advice

I READ your recent article about Shop Electric and I have good news.

This lady needs to contact Vision Sales Direct on 08702 64 20 64. This is a service company handling all extended warranties purchased at Shop Electric, since their demise.

I contacted the firm and it directed me to the correct warranty company I needed in order to get my repair authorised.

It offered an excellent service where my TV was collected and returned, repaired to its original condition.

MJ: Thanks for that!

Talk Talk broadband issue now resolved

I'M writing to you in sheer desperation because of the way I've been treated.

I requested the Talk 3 International plan from Talk Talk in June 2006. At the time, the offer included free broadband, subject to an 18-month contract and a £29.99 one off payment.

I did not receive the broadband and it is now April 2007. Can you please help? I have been writing and ringing since August last year and eventually someone from customer services admitted they'd misplaced my order.

They said they'd investigate it and get back to me. I even spoke to someone for them in South Africa in March and she said she'd get back to me.

She replied to my complaint, but only with the same story, that there doesn't seem to be an order. I have been tied in to Talk Talk since last July and paying large tariffs for Pay As You Go - because they lost my order and will not admit it.

The only reason I took the Talk 3 International was because it came with broadband. I don't make international calls.

I know from being a regular reader of your column that you've had dealings with this firm.

Could you please, please help me?

IT appears that since the launch of free broadband in April 2006, Talk Talk has tripled the number of customer service advisors to more than 3000 and it says its customer service levels have massively improved.

"We realise we still have further work to do to get to a level we can be really proud of and everyone at Talk Talk is working tirelessly to get to this position. As a result of an administrative error, this customer's broadband account was not provisioned when he initially expected.

We have subsequently resolved the issue and have apologised for the inconvenience."

Hope you're happy with the outcome.

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