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Emily Blunt didn't know who Jamie Dornan was when they met


Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Dornan was left red-faced when his Wild Mountain Thyme co-star Emily Blunt didn't know who he was, despite meeting him several times previously.

The Holywood star got to know the actress through her literary agent sister Felicity Blunt, who is married to actor Stanley Tucci

He admitted: "I knew Emily and she didn't know me."

Emily joked: "We didn't really know each other. I had zero interest and he pursued me.

"Just kidding. He certainly pursued a friendship. I don't remember meeting Jamie, but we met a couple of times apparently.

"I'm not very good with faces, names, moments in life in general, but my sister is very close with Jamie's wife Millie and very close with Jamie. We had this wonderful dinner before we did the movie and we became fast friends because once I did remember you (Jamie), I realised you were cool."

The romantic drama follows Rosemary (Blunt) as she tries to win the affections of Anthony (Dornan), who must pursue his dreams when he learns his father plans to sell the family farm to his nephew.

The 38-year-old said: "He is a troubled soul. He has a lot of things he believes he's lacking in, one being confidence. He's someone who has never allowed himself to believe that he has any potential to do anything.

"He has shortcomings. He's really human. He is one of the most human people I've ever played. All his human qualities that some would say are weak qualities I just loved about him. I related to him, to his shyness. He's an odd guy and show me someone who isn't. It felt like a chance to insert whatever oddness I have, which is minimal, into his character."

The trailer for the film, which also stars Christopher Walken, came in for a lot of criticism when it was released because of the accents, but Jamie found it amusing.

"I thought the reaction was funny. I'm from Ireland and our currency is taking the p***, so it's rare to put something out there and not have the p*** taken. I'm all for it," he explained.

Jamie is also set to hit the big screen this year in the anticipated Kenneth Branagh film Belfast.

He said: "It's very exciting. I probably can't say too much about it, but it's about the city that I'm from, Belfast. That's also the city that Ken Branagh is from. What I think I'm allowed to say is that it somewhat chronicles a part of Ken's early life in Belfast.

"Judie Dench plays my mother, and Ciaran Hinds plays my father. Caitriona Balfe plays my wife and there are a couple of brilliant young actors in there. We got to shoot it during the pandemic, which was weird. We got Covid tests every day and everyone was wearing masks. I feel like Ken and I are quite close, but I kind of never saw the bottom half of his face. It was quite strange.

"It's tonally something very different than anything that anybody's seen me in before. I'm really excited. I'm actually so excited to see a cut of it next week because I had a brilliant time making it."

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