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Jamie Dornan 'nervous' about singing on screen


SONG STRESS: Jamie Dornan with wife Amelia Warner

SONG STRESS: Jamie Dornan with wife Amelia Warner

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SONG STRESS: Jamie Dornan with wife Amelia Warner

Jamie Dornan was nervous before singing in his latest film despite once fronting a band.

He performed a number for Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, but it only made the film at the second attempt.

The Holywood heartthrob re-recorded the song, Edgar's Prayer, after his first attempt was deemed not up to scratch.

But while he is happy to sing for big-screen roles, he never felt comfortable when he was in a band.

He was one half of folk duo Sons of Jim and performed on UTV's Kelly Show before finding fame as an actor.

Jamie (38) said: "I always say that I can sing as much as much as the next douchey actor guy can sing. I think most actors, male and female, can sing.

"I can sing a bit. I never wanted to be in a band. It was just one of those things. It kind of happened and we were pushed along a certain path. I'm a reluctant singer. I did it in a forum where I was uncomfortable.

"Now, when I have to do it in the odd movie, I'm more comfortable, but the thing with this was that it was so hard to sing. Edgar's Prayer is a proper belter."

Jamie played Edgar Paget in the movie, whose main stars KRISTEN WIIG and ANNIE MUMOLO wrote the script.

He confessed that he was feeling the pressure when they came to watch his first bash at recording the track.

He said: "The first time I recorded it in Mexico City, I was really nervous. I had a bit of a cold, I wasn't feeling great and I was singing my heart out and trying to hit the notes.

"Anyway, I did it a couple of times and was getting more and more hoarse, then Kristen and Annie arrived.

"They were there for all the right reasons - to be supportive and show love - but it just piled on the pressure."

He became convinced he had done a good job when he was sent a copy of the song, before his composer wife AMELIA WARNER, who he nicknames Millie, broke the bad news to him.

He said: "Millie and I got sent a link to a preview of it and I said, 'My voice sounds good. I'm quite happy with that'. She was like, 'That wasn't you'. I'd become so accustomed to the backing track of the professional singer that I was convinced it was me.

"I subsequently found out I didn't really sing well enough in Mexico City to put it on, so then I re-recorded it at PETER GABRIEL's Real World Studios. Weirdly, when I was in a band we spent a week (there) recording an EP that never saw the light of day, probably for the better. But we were there and we had breakfast with Peter Gabriel. It was all really exciting at the time and those studios are amazing.

"I re-recorded it in a fuller voice and that's what's in the movie."

Jamie sang on the soundtracks for Fifty Shades Freed and Wild Mountain Thyme.

He told EDITH BOWMAN's podcast that his next role, in a six-part series called The Tourist, would have him singing as well, even though it's a drama about a man being pursued by a trucker. He said: "There's a couple of music references, but I only have to sing a wee bit."

Before that, however, he will be seen playing Pa in the forthcoming film Belfast, written and directed SIR KENNETH BRANAGH.

Jamie said: "I saw a cut of it six weeks ago and it's really exciting. It's really beautiful."

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