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Night Life: Groovy Train at the M Club (Friday nights)

Bradbury Place, Belfast, Tel: 9023 3131,

By Emma Deighan

ATMOSPHERE: Groovy Train is as lively as you'll get, what with the huge crowd of punters ready for a big night of partying to 60s and 70s tunes and a host of spangle-clad dancers coming out to perform every now and again boosting the fiesta-infused aura.

CROWD: Groovy Train at the M Club accommodates everyone from regular clientele who just can't get enough of this themed nightclub to groups of girls and fellas out for a celebration - most notably hen parties, who are so commonplace they're invited up to the dance floor with their companions to give a show! The age group ranges from early 20s right up to a pensioner dressed in 60s gear for the occasion. Everyone seems to be in good form here which adds to the hyper mood.

STAFF: I paid the £8 to head right up to the top - the VIP area - which wasn't as exclusive as I expected.

Although there was no table service, the staff serving were quick and friendly and the bouncers and door staff were pleasant.

DÉCOR: It's a mix of modern on the regular floor to a more glamorous ornate style on the top floor. There's loads of state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment all bathing in an ultra violet glow, while seating ranges from rows of bar stools to more intimate booths.

There are random pictures of contemporary model shots, gilded framed mirrors, carpet areas, tiled areas and a mixture of fabrics and even a hint at an ethnic, Far Eastern theme in selected areas - it's just one big merge of trends. Both the top floor and first floor circle around the dance floor (if you're upstairs you'll be looking down) reinforcing the fact that dancing and partying is the focal point of the MClub.

DRINKS: All the alcopops you can think of, with a good range of bottled drinks. There's also a modest wine list composed of a few reds and whites and three Champagne varieties along with rosés. There's around five cocktails and nine shooters - more than enough to keep everyone happy.

PRICES: More than average, but it is a nightclub so you expect it. VIP area was £8 entrance with no VIP service though, except for it not being as packed as the floor below.

A bottle of Breezer will cost you £3.40, a cocktail £5, a glass of wine £3.50 and shooters £2.50.


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