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Paul Ferris: I wanted to attack paedo football coach at NI Milk Cup


Paul Ferris scoring for Newcastle in 1984

Paul Ferris scoring for Newcastle in 1984

Paul Ferris scoring for Newcastle in 1984

Ex-Newcastle United staffer Paul Ferris has revealed he stood up to paedo football coach George Ormond during a trip to the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland.

Lisburn-born Paul, a former player turned physio, said he had been made aware of allegations of abuse made privately to him about Ormond.

But before the sicko was removed from the club, Paul had to join him as part of a four-man management team at the tournament in charge of their under-18 side.

He revealed: “He was eventually removed from the club, but not before attending a summer youth team tournament in Northern Ireland.

“In those days, the youth team had no designated physiotherapist, so I was seconded for the trip to the prestigious Milk Cup Tournament in Coleraine.

“To say I was a little uncomfortable that Ormond was on the trip wouldn’t come close to what I was feeling. I could barely look at the man.

“I had a very strong reason to believe he was a monster. Yet here I was working alongside him.”

Paul said that in a bid to protect the youth team, he requested that all physiotherapy matters be referred to him only and stated to the group: “There is no reason for anyone to be in your rooms other than when you have requested it.”

He explained: “Apart from telling the world my suspicions, it was the best I could do in the circumstances. The boys headed to their chalets while the staff made our way to our rooms in the main hotel.”

But he said he later “felt sick” when he went to attend a boy who had a knee wound and found that “there, perched on the end of one of the boy’s beds was Ormond”.

Paul said he confronted Ormond again after noticing he had gone missing and then finding him in the same chalet where under-18 boys were based.

He revealed: “His smiling face was right in front of me. My teeth were grinding till they hurt. I wanted to crash my head against his nose and feel the satisfaction of it shattering under the force.

“Then I wanted to kick his tumbling body all over the messy room and drag his rump out of there in full humiliating view of the boys. I took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder. ‘Everything OK boys?’

“The deep breath hadn’t fully done its job. Head-butting his nose was still under consideration. I needed to get him out of there before the boys got to witness the possible end of my career as a physiotherapist at Newcastle United.”

Paul said they had a heated exchange as he warned Ormond to stay out of the boys’ rooms and after the tournament ended that was the last he saw of him as he was then removed from the club.

Last year an independent review, commissioned by the FA and carried out by barrister Clive Sheldon QC, found that the Premier League club “should have acted more quickly” following disclosures of abuse committed by Ormond.

The report into historical child sexual abuse involving several clubs also said the Football Association “did not do enough to keep children safe”.

It found “significant institutional failings” at the governing body, which it said was “too slow” to have sufficient protection measures in place between October 1995 and May 2000.

The report looked into when Newcastle became aware of allegations of abuse by Ormond, who had links to its youth team in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as when it took action.

Mr Sheldon heard how one former boys’ club player, Derek Bell — who has waived his right to anonymity — disclosed to officials at Newcastle in 1997 that he was abused by Ormond when he was a child.

Despite this, it said, Ormond was still allowed to go to a youth tournament and no additional safeguards were put in place.

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