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Pete's Life: Take That fanastic

Cool FM's Pete Snodden

A little bit of nostalgia arrived in Belfast last Thursday when Take That came to town to kickstart their tour.

As well as the classic tracks they also belted out a succession of new tunes.

The gig was unbelievable. Staging, production, sound and the guys themselves where just brilliant.

I'm not the band's biggest fan, but they were fantastic.

For me, one of the highlights was the second song - It Only Takes a Minute, Girl. Think poles, think dancers!

Wispa it softly... nostalgia rules

Still on nostalgia - the past coming back to haunt us is everywhere

Cadbury has even brought back that well-loved blast from the past, the Wispa bar.

If you haven't tried it, you haven't lived.

Having sampled the trusty confection once again, I mentioned on the show how delicious it was.

The response was amazing - so many people got excited about their favourite childhood choccy bar.

Angels and (Red) Devils!

A nurses' low pay appeal fund hit the headlines last week when it was revealed that £1m was pledged by Premiership footballers.

They were being asked to donate a day's salary to this very worthy cause. But it's been rumoured that only £200,000 has been collected so far, with Man United and Chelsea among the 'tightest' clubs when it comes to giving.

Talk about letting the side down.

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