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Six By Nico: New menu is a taste of summer

Miami to Ibiza theme takes you on a sensational food adventure


Six By Nico

Six By Nico

The Cuban course at Six By Nico

The Cuban course at Six By Nico

Seared tuna course at Six By Nico

Seared tuna course at Six By Nico

Coconut and rum parfait

Coconut and rum parfait


Six By Nico

Six By Nico

23 - 31 Waring St, Belfast. Tel: 028 9032 9467

Summer on a plate — that in a nutshell is what you can expect from Six By Nico’s new menu.

From Miami to Ibiza is the Belfast restaurant’s new theme for the next six weeks (if you aren’t familiar with the concept it changes menu that often). And the bright variety of colours on all the beautifully presented plates definitely screams summer.

Chef and owner Nico Simeone promises a transatlantic and nostalgic food journey that begins in Miami Beach (where I almost drowned once, but that’s a story for another day), with new American cuisine-inspired dishes, and ends in the white isle of Ibiza.

At £37 for the tasting menu it is excellent value and if you fancy pairing wines it will set you back another £30.

First stop was The Ibiza Sunset and when you see the paella bombas sitting on the bright roast red pepper sauce, you can clearly see why the plate matches the name.

The bombas was packed full of rice with the saffron emulsion shining through, just like you would expect from any good paella.

The wild garlic oil and crispy chorizo added further depth to the plate with the crunch of the chorizo adding real texture.

Round two was seared tuna with bonito emulsion, cucumber, spring onion and chilli ponzu dressing. For such a small dish there was a lot going on.

The tuna was perfectly pink on the inside with the crunch of the cucumber and the tang of the fish emulsion really enhancing the dish.

The third course was my favourite. The Cuban was a deconstructed pressed pork sandwich with mustard mayo, gherkin relish, choucroute, pickled mustard seeds and crispy kale.

The sauerkraut helped cut through the sharpness of the gherkin and pickled mustard seeds.

We were advised to mix all together before taking mouthfuls to savour every flavour and it truly was a taste sensation. Our seabass course was themed around the monolithic limestone rock formation of Es Vedra in Ibiza, the third most magnetic point in the world.

The fish represented the rock while below, the smoked potato, celery and beach herbs represent the sea below. While the food looked great it also passed the taste test, with the seabass just falling apart on the fork.

The beef rump cap with barbecue rib, smoked emulsion, onion and chimichurri rounded off the savoury part of the menu and at that stage I was too full to finish it all. It was another winner, with the barbecue rib a real highlight.

To finish off, Little Havana was a brilliant boozyish coconut and rum parfait with pineapple, a brandy snap cigar, passion fruit mousse, white chocolate namelaka and pina colada.

If you are a fan of pina coladas you will most definitely enjoy this.

Service was exceptional with the staff’s knowledge of the pairing wines very impressive.

Each and every wine was perfectly paired, with nods to elements on the plate and the regions where the ingredients came from.

The Romanian Paparuda Chardonnay with the pork dish and the Rioja Crianza with the beef dish stood out for me.

The Food

Tasting menu £37

Matching wines £30


The Rating

Service *****

Food ****

Decor ****

Vegetarian ****

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